Wine bars in Temple Bar Dublin

How on earth did I get to be exploring the wine bars in Temple Bar, Dublin? Well, isn’t it funny how you can wake up expecting the day to go one way and then life throws you a curve ball and you end up dry heaving in Liverpool? What, that isn’t a relatable analogy? #notsorry….

Les Crêtes Chardonnay Cuvée Bois 2015

Nestled in the Italian Alps between the French and Swiss border lies the tiny Alpine wine making region of the Valle d’Aosta. The largest wine making fish in this smallest of vinous ponds is internationally acclaimed producer, Les Crêtes. Until recently most of this acclaim was directed at their flagship wine the Chardonnay Cuvée Bois….

Wines of Umbria 2018 – Tre Bicchiere Awards

A quick question for you. Do you ever wonder what you’d choose as your specialist subject if invited to be a contestant on Mastermind?  Well I do. Deliberating this question has been a source of personal angst for years.  However, after much soul searching I can say with absolute certainty, my specialist subject would be…

Wine Society Chilean Wine Tasting 2018

Who loves themselves some Chilean wine? I know I do. That’s why I was excited to attend the Wine Society Chilean Wine Tasting in London this week.  Wine Society bashes are always lustrous affairs, part down to wine, part down to venue. For this event, the Society chose London’s Merchant Taylors’ Hall as a venue…