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Ciao, Salve, Buongiorno,

Welcome welcome Welcome to the very first Wine90 blog entry. Now, it may be a little unusual for the blog to appear before the website ( BUT, have a heart, there are 5000 Italian wines that scored 90 or more with Parker and WS over the last 20 years and THAT is a huge task by anybodys standards. We require patience on your behalf but, when the website launches, there will be a bevy of information, reviews, vlogs and data about all Italian wines scoring 90 points of more.

Why would someone give themselves such a tortuous task?

Wine90 was the brainchild of an English expat living in Rome, Sarah Newton.

I, Sarah Newton, decided to create Wine90 for a number of reasons that I’ll talk about very briefly. I moved to Rome, Italy from the UK (via Spain) about two years ago and became swept up in the Italian love for their culture. During my time in Italy I have been exposed to some wonderful wines and some abysmal wines. So this blog, and eventual website, will only be profiling the very best of Italian wines. That doesn’t always mean the most expensive, sometimes it does, but there are many wonderful Dolcettos, Barberas, Chiantis, Primitivos, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and more for under £10/€15/$20 a bottle that are trully magnificent wines.

The great majority of wines making the Wine90 list are the wines of the Piedmont and Tuscany followed, not closely, by wines of the Veneto and Campania. However, Southern Italian wines and the wines of Abruzzo are gaining in quality and need to be brought to the public attention so we will profile every region of Italy and review the very best wines of the region. Any website about Italian wine will be top heavy on Barolos, Barbarescos and Brunellos, these are the crown jewels of Italian wine and will receive in depth attention.

THE WEBSITE – under construction

Italy is the most varied and interesting wine region in the world with a huge number of grape varities and a unique set of terriors that are capable of producing world class wines. Through this blog and the website we hope to be able to show you, via vlogs and regular blog entries all the wine making regions of Italy.

Wine90 will not be a slave to Parker and Wine Spectator, indeed, many of the newer vintages and many estates are not covered at all by the Big Two. Wine90 will bring you reviews of the latest vintages and newly opened vineyards before anyone else, giving you the chance to enjoy 90+ point wine at the lowest possible prices because, as we all know, the minute wines get a good rating from the Big Two their prices shoot up dramatically overnight.

One by one all the wines (5000 wines – did you read that bit?) on the website will contain a recorded video tasting note giving you the most information of any website in the world on each and every quality Italian wine from each and every vintage. We will also be listing the cheapest retailers for each bottle (and case) who deliver to the UK, the USA and the rest of Europe.

Wine90 itself will not sell any wine, so you can trust all the reviews to be a genuine expression of the wine in the glass.

We will be filming mini documentaries with myself in front of the camera as I explores the Italian countryside, cuisine and it’s people. I find, maybe you do too, that the Italian wine enthusiast is not just a wine-head, but an Italophile who loves to talk about (and enjoy) Italian food, football, history and culture so we’ll try to combine the wine reviews with other aspects of Italian life.

Grazie Mille and Salut


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  1. Josh says:

    I await the blog with baited breath Miss Newton! Keep on Truckin

  2. Alyson says:

    What a great idea! Wish I’d thought of it ;))! I have my own wine tasting book which I have only just started to fill, so I will await your recommendations eagerly!

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