Italian Wine Blog

Italian Wine Blog

Of all the blogs in all the world….. Yes another Italian wine blog has found a home on blogspot but this Italian wine blog should be a little different. In actual fact, of the thousands of blogs on wines that abound only a small percentage of them are dedicated to Italian wine.

French and Californian wines are greatly represented but Italian Wine Blogs are few and far between (in relative terms). So, that’s the justification for starting one. I thought I’d share with you a few sneaky peaks of how will look. Most of the pages are finished it’s simply a case of uploading the vast amounts of data.

Sadly I don’t have a team of trained monkeys to carry out this work for me so over the next 9 months I will be burning the midnight oil to bring out the first version of the website.

In 3 weeks time I go to Florida where the first broadcast of the Wine90 Vlogs will take place. Italian wine is available here in Rome obviously but I am interested in reporting about the attitudes and drinking habits of American wine drinkers as well as European.

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There will be news and interviews with prominent wine producers and sellers and wine reviews as the first bottles come into the public domain. There will be Vlogs about individual wines as well as weekly reports about wine sets (maybe a grape variety, vintages or verticals).

We hope that this Italian wine blog will provide support for the website as well as becoming an important wine reference in its own right.

The blog will occasionally move away from a strictly wine format to talk about Italian food, life in Italy as well as Italian culture, politics and sport.

Ciao – Sarah Newton

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hohohohohohohso you say, looking forward to the florida report though, wont donald duck distract u?

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