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Buongiorno Barbaresco Buds

Welcome to another thrilling NEY fascinating NEY riviting edition of the Wine90 Italian wine blog with me, your messed up wine-geek-freak Sarah E Newton (My holiday is 15 days away and I’m molto excitable). Today we’re going to look at Barbaresco and the admirably bizarre Gambero Rosso and their right on recommendations for 2008. Now, don’t be misled, these are Barbaresco wines that were from the 2004 vintage and hit the stores this year.

As you all know, I live in Rome so I’m very naturally swayed in the favour of all things Italian and will ride up and defend anything promoting Italian wine and I love Gambero Rosso, with a passion. BUT, how can you rank a wine out of 3! Seriously? Wine is meant to be ranked out of 100, Parker showed us the light and now we all rate out of 100. It’s like asking the ice dancers to be rated ABC, no fun and no fair!

I know many hate the Parker way of scoring, “how can you really say this wine is 87 points and not 88 points” but Gambero Rosso’s scoring system is just too limited. I want to know my 3/3 wine i a 98+ point wine and it could be, or it could be an 90 point wine and there is a world of difference in 90 to 98. This is one tradition I’d like to see Gambero Rosso let go.

Gambero Rosso also rate wines in peer groups which many people hate but I think must be carried out, how interesting would a list be that simply read Gaja, Gaja, Giacosa, Giacosa, and left out really important wines from the south? There is rarely a vineyard left out of the guide infact!

Gambero Rosso is also extremely political in their awards and make no excuses for it (very Italian) but still, the awards are useful as a reference and must be taken in context that GR is fairly bias and awards points in peer groups. At the very least the books contain interesting information on featured wines so the GR guide is a must buy for all Italian wineheads. The book contains vintage reports and is always a year infront of Parker and Wine Spectator who seems to take a full year to publish their reviews, probably because Italian wine isn’t high on their priority list.

Here are the 2008 results – these wines receive Tre Bicchiere, the highest award possible.

Barbaresco ’04 Cantina del Pino
Barbaresco ’04 Gaja
Barbaresco Bric Balin ’04 Moccagatta
Barbaresco Coparossa ’04 Bruno Rocca
Barbaresco Currà ’04 Sottimano
Barbaresco Gallina ’04 Oddero
Barbaresco Rombone ’04 Fiorenzo Nada
Barbaresco Ronchi ’04 Ronchi
Barbaresco S. Stefanetto ’04 Piero Busso
Barbaresco Sorì Burdin ’04 Fontanabianca
Barbaresco Sorì Paitin ’04 Paitin
Barbaresco V. Starderi ’04 La Spinetta
Barbaresco V. Valeirano ’04 La Spinetta
Barbaresco Valgrande ’04 Ca’ del Baio
Barbaresco Vign. in Montestefano Ris. ’01
Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Vign. Loreto ’04 Albino Rocca

I own just one solitary bottle of Gaja Barbaresco 2004 but also have a tasting note from last month. Had to decant this wine for several hours before it showed anything so this TN is from a 6 hour decanted wine.

Gaja Barbaresco 2004BUY
Fascinating aromas – raspberries and blackberries pouring forth on the nose with a hint of spices and tobacco. Full bodied with feminine silky, round tannins, an encapsulating finish of exceptional length. One of the best Barbarescos I’ve ever tried. Give it another 5 years. 94 Points

Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans – Enoteca Grandi Vini – €90
Americans – Wine Pavilion – $149
Brits – Fine & Rare – £77

Question of the Day?
Gaja is the undisputed king of Barbaresco but do you have another favourite producer?

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  1. Lucca says:

    I love the Gambero Rosso books but don’t even bother with the ratings. If you buy along their guidelines you can be disappointed. Go with Antonio Galloni. Thanks for the update.

  2. Ross Bennett says:

    My favourite Barbaresco is Giacosa Santo Stefano and its much better than Gaja, he might be a wonderful self promotist but he can’t match THE GMan

  3. Bruce says:

    TOTMTY SarahI have to go with Gaja

  4. Roy Westley says:

    Albino Rocca – Barbaresco Vigneto Loreto is the best barbaresco I have ever consumed. You can’t beat this one have you tried it?

  5. John Raker says:

    I would argue Giacosa was the kind of Barberesco.

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