Paolo Scavino Barolo Cannubi

Paolo Scavino Barolo Cannubi 1989

Paolo Scavino Barolo Cannubi 1989 is universally agreed among wine experts to be one of the best Barolos produced by Scavino and one of the best wines produced anywhere that year.

1989 was a year of German wines in my homeland, the UK. Blue Nun and Liebraumilch were all the rave as were faux champagnes like Babycham and Lambrini. 1989 rocked for the Big P’s, Piedmont and Pomerol had outstanding vintages but, at the age of 9 I was awfully ignorant to the vintage reports of the day.

The year 1989 meant many things to me. It was the year I really got into Dogtanian, learned to play chess and got a De-merit for throwing a glass of water over another 9 year old in the playground. Looking back I was probably swirling the glass and practising to taste the Barolos of an Italian winemaker also having a blinding 1989, Paolo Scavino.

Although Paolo is no longer with us the Scavino blend of Piemontese wine has gone from strength to strength after this seminal year and makes up one of the top “teams” in the Seria A of Barolo along with Gaja, Giacosa, Clerico and Giacomo Conterno.

The Scavino vineyards are huge producers in the Piedmonte region and embrace many of the wines, with excellence achieved in Barolo, Dolcetto and Barbera wines. The Scavinos also have a really good website you can check out to see their story, vineyards and the wines they produce in more detail.

So back to the 1989 Barolo, this was a fabulous year, together with 1990 these were two stunning back to back vintages but getting hold of these 20 year old Barolos, at the peak of their drinking age is difficult.

Italian Ebay to the rescue then as I picked up mine for just over €135 and I have to tell you that this wine is truly worth every cent. If you can get hold of this wine, although I doubt there are now many left you really should. It is worth every one of Parkers 96 points and I can put it on par with the 1998 Giacosa Barolo Falletto. This is a christening or wedding wine that deserves an occasion and some ceremony! Enjoy.

Paolo Scavino Barolo Cannubi 1989BUY – €200
In the glass the wine is clearly aged and is a lighter jewel like ruby in the glass with even lighter hues. The nose grabs you straight from the bottle, sweet and fruity, with raspberries and plums making up the key notes, a little earth and oaky tones detected. This wine hits home in the palate, exceptionally smooth and rich, you really feel like you have a quality wine as the mouth feel is gorgeous and silky and oh so opulent. Elegance till the finish as the flavours linger on and on, hints of vanilla on the end. I got this wine at the peak of its bell curve and for that I’m giving the wine 97 points.

Where can I buy this wine?
EuropeansTop Wines Switzerland – €195
Americans20 20 L.A – $245
Brits – Fine and Rare – £135

Question of the Day
What were you drinking in 1989?

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  1. Dennis Rausch says:

    In 1989 I was drinking ’82 Lafite and definately not Blue Nun. Actually I was only 15 myself so was probably drinking Coors.Am amazed this 1989 is available in the US and not a bad price for a classic wine.

  2. Tammy L says:

    Hi SarahIn 1980’s Florida we were going to town on the biggest cocktails you’ve ever seen, curly straws and froth on top. In 1989 I was 20 and not into wine but the years since have led me into a magical world of wine experience so I will not go back to 1989 Cocktails 🙂

  3. Rog says:

    In 1989 I was drinking milk

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