New Year in Rome

Greetings Italian Wine Fans,

How are you all doing? It’s my last day at work before the Xmas break and I’m very excited to be spending another festive period in the world’s first city.

The New Year in Rome is a fantastic celebration, everybody packs the central Piazzas, Navona, Del Fiori, Del Popolo and a squashy, crazy and boozy time is had by all. Italians don’t acknowledge personal space at the best of times and on this night you will kiss many strangers, press forcefully onto the backs of those in front of you and get frisked by a couple of perverts all the while going “oh, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”, “whoops, really got you that time” until “hey, he pushed me first ok!”, then comes the bloody nose and the trip home in the ambulance. L-O-V-E-I-T.

Last year I spent a wonderful New Year with my partner and parents at a restaurant in the Spagna area. New Years Eve meals consist of several courses of pasta, meats, several puddings, starters, appertivos, coffees and of course, bottles and bottles of Italian wine.
This year I’m screwed. I’ve left my restaurant booking too late, there’s nowhere to park and I’m left with just one solitary option. Last year I loved how we celebrated in true Italian style, the food, the wine and mixing with the locals. This year, the only restaurant left accepting reservations is the Hard Rock Cafe. Don’t get me wrong, I can chow down on a rack of ribs with the best of them but my parents are in town and the theme of this years party at the Hard Rock Cafe? Animal House: The Movie.

It’ll be okay wont it? I mean, essentially it’s just a raucous toga party and you can’t get more Roman than that right? Can you hear those sirens in the background? L-O-V-E-I-T

I’m not sure much wine will be going around BUT drinks are free all evening so if there is a wine option it could be an excellent night’s tasting…. or I could end up face down in a punch bowl. It’s 50:50.

New Year’s nerves aside, I thought I’d review a wine with some sense of occasion so here is a special blended occasion wine from Antinori, I give you…

Antinori Solaia Annata Diversa 2002PASS – €60
Inky purple wine that’s a little thinner than you’d expect. Attractive bouquet of blackberry’s, chocolate and a little oak and cherry. Soft palate, the wine is medium bodied and well balanced with a unique finish. An attractive wine but a Solaia? Surprising Solaia, certainly not the normal quality. Absolutely no QPR here, well below standard for this wine. 89 Points

Where can I buy this wine? (but don’t)
Europeans – Bracali – €57
Americans – Aabalat – $105
Brits – Fine and Rare – £55

Question of the Day
Where will you spend New Years Eve this year and why?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL – I suggest you stay at home this year!Or try here –

  2. Claire Ryan says:

    New Years will be spent in Club Deep in Miami and I can not wait

  3. Hol says:

    Hi SarahJust seen your blog and its really funny. You have an email waiting from me.Hol x

  4. Sally Grant says:

    I’ll be at home with the kiddies singing auld lang sign in the streets of Kilbride!

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