Bricco del Drago

Hey Ratfans,

Bricco del Drago… we’re going left field today kids.

What a beautiful day it is here in Rome, the sun is out, the birds are singing, the horns are blasting and I was only woken at 5.30am this morning by garbage trucks, guess it’s a Tuesday right? RIGHT. I suppose the garbage boats on Venice island could be quieter, we shall soon see.

So back to business, this week I’ve been out and about, back to London, went a bit wild on some trashy U.S Zinfandel but I’m here now back in the saddle and will review 3 pretty decent mid priced wines from 3 pretty decent producers, Poderi Colla’s Bricco del Drago 2004, Planeta’s Merlot 2005 and Azelia’s Barbera d’Alba Vigneto Punta 2003.
Now, I know, I know I’ve been neglecting Tuscany, but it’s such a greedy attention grabber that sometimes I want to ignore it just to teach it a lesson. The next post will be, certainly, a Tuscany feature with some Brunello’s, Chianti’s and maybe a few randoms for good measure. It’s a struggle, I don’t like abandoning the Piemonte but, for you and your complaining emails, I will subject myself. Look at it just sat there, with its cypress trees, meandering lanes and rolling hills. So smug. Just ignore it.

Bricco del Drago Poderi Colla 2004BUY – €16
Luxury dark purple in the glass, looks thick and jammy because it is. 85% dolcetto and 15% nebbiolo d’alba go into an interesting blend that starts a little sharp but has lots going on and evolves in the glass and on the palate. I love wines that give you something to talk about and this wine does. The palate is full on with flavours but still opulent and silky, great tannins, basically it’s like a blueberry muffin, liquefied with a dash of coffee. Really nice and unique wine, spicy nose, fair price for something different. I think it’s the perfect age now but another 2-3 years aren’t going to hurt – 90 Points

Merlot Planeta 2005BUY – €20
2005 was a star year in Sicily and Planeta is, in my opinion, the star producer in Sicily so almost all of the wines of this year from Planeta are superb. We have another dark wine in the glass, very dark purple, dark hues, could do with some time in the bottle. The nose was a little dull actually but definite hints of vanilla, blackberries and raspberries but again leads me to believe the wine should be left for a while. The palate was gorgeous, thick, jammy, fruity, very powerful, a little tannic but fulfilling. Giving it 89 today but thinking another couple of points may come thru in a couple of years time. – 89 Points

Barbera d’Alba Vigneto Punta Azelia 2003BUY – €20
Rounding up the third very dark wine. This Barbera I can recommend very highly, some Barbera’s are a little rough and ready but this is a gem. We have a real concentration of dark berries, hints of oak but what strikes you is the wines fruity nature, you like fruit bombs? You’ll like this. On the palate the wine is jammy, smooth and balanced and with a bonus of a silky, long finish. – 90 Points

Where can I buy this wine? (Bricco del Drago)
EuropeansEnoteca Grandi Vini – €14
AmericansHi Time Wine – $30
Brits The Cellar Door – £11

Question of the Day
Do you like Tuscany and/or Tuscan wines? If so, what’s so great? Let me know and regarding the wines, I will go and try them. Share, when you don’t it makes my bottom lip wobble.

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  1. Julia says:

    Not seen a Sassicaia review here yet. How about the ’04?

  2. Robert Ricard says:

    We’ve been living in Tuscany with our 5 year old daughter for the past year. It’s exquisitely beautiful and we would never live anywhere else, the local Chianti’s can be austere, do you have a recommendation for a good chianti under €10? Rob

  3. Anonymous says:

    how about a white though? – Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a favorite.

  4. Tracy says:

    Sassicaia? Wow, I’ll be able to afford that one day.How lovely to be in Tuscany.I’ve checked out the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">tuscany villas<> and can’t wait to get there soon and drink lots of vino under the tuscan sun too!

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