Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio

Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio

‘Noon Ladies and Gents,

Today is a fabulous day in the Sarah Newton household as finally the OK has come from the bank for my new villa just outside of Perugia in the Umbrian heartlands. For 6 months I’ve been ferrying around between the local comune, questura, bank and villa and finally everything is in place and I can finally relax, put up my aching tootsies and celebrate with a glass of something red and Voerzio.

The 2004 Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio is supposed to be a stonker of a wine, critics say the best yet and while it’s clearly infanticide to open a bottle so young, I think on this occasion I can afford a little gay abandon and kick it up Piedmont stylee.
Cerequio, along with Cannubi, is one of my favourite Barolo crus and seems to produce the better Barolo of the two major producers there, Voerzio and Chiarlo. Cerequio, situated in the communes of La Morra and Barolo is a beautiful area of the Piedmont. So, before I guzzle down the ’04 I thought I’d go through some of my old tasting notes on past Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio wines.

Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio 1998PASS – €108
Intense dark ruby red with garnet hues. Very giving with aromas of roses, plums and spice-box. Still quite tannic needing another 5 years the Barolo is a little sweet for my tastes. Very fruity and jammy it will certainly please others. Very rich this is a wine for superior foods and special occasions. Structurally excellent with an amazing length on the finish, just not to my personal tastes. – 92 Points

Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio 1999BUY – €108
Opulence at its silkiest and most seductive, this is a superb Barolo with a flower filled nose with as pretty an aroma as I’ve ever sampled from a wine, some gentle spices and hints of coffee and chocolate complete a fabulous nose. The mouth feel is just gorgeous and alive, very delicate but still packing flavour and with fine tannins and a fine fruity mix in the mid palate. Can’t think of many better Barolos from 1999. – 94 Points

Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio 2000BUY – €112
Great color to this Cerequio, very bright and tempting in the glass. The nose is utterly complex, I’m getting cherry jam, an earthy smokey quality, licorice, caramel, flowers and some spicy action too. The palate is especially fruity and very concentrated sweet flavours come through the entire palate experience, a thick and fruity wine with some gritty tannins on it, yet very pleasant. Warm and pleasing wine but from 2000 vintage not quite as great as I’d expected, but still very good. – 93 Points

Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio 2001BUY – €120
2001 Vintage + Roberto Voerzio’s best wine = One of the best Barolos on the market right? Not quite. Really deep red with dark hues in the glass, we have a very subtle nose that opens up really very slowly, once it does we have pretty nose of strawberries, cherries and flowers and again, a mineral quality. On the palate the wine is full bodied with surprisingly silky tannins, the wine is ripe but opens up really at the last minute. Today the wine is worth 94 points but I get a sneaky feeling this is one to leave another 5 years at least.- 94 Points

Where can I buy this wine? (The 1999)
Europeans – Enoteca Grandi Vini – €108
Americans – Zachys – $184
Brits – Enoteca Grandi Vini – £84

Question of the Day?
What bottle of wine are you saving for the that special celebration?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We were given a 1995 Bordeaux on our wedding day that will be popped on our 20 year anniversary. Can’t remember the name though.

  2. Ade Bilic says:

    I’m saving a case of Wild Duck Creek Shiraz Duck Muck 2002 for my daughter’s 18th birthday.great blog

  3. Anonymous says:

    A 97 Dal Forno Magnum I’m saving for a special occasion.

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