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On the Lash,

Yesterdays foray into the Mestre wine world was without rhyme or reason and without a real stand out wine. Myself and a friend took it upon ourselves to try out the various wine bars stumbling roughly between my red hot 35°c apartment and Piazza Ferretto, ending up, typically, at the Lupo Nero (that is WOLF, wolf, not rabbit!). The restaurant, as always, was fabulous and although we went thru a few wines earlier in the night it provided the best tasting, a sumptious Primitivo by small name producer “Peruini” and at €11 in a restaurant, I was suitably impressed. I was also incredibly drunk so my score of 88 points carries a beer goggle value!

So, Tina and I started with an abysmal Barbera d’Alba from Castello di Verduno from a very limited choice in the local enoteca “Vite Rosse“. The bar had probably 100 different wines on display, but only 6 were available to order by the glass. We found this at every bar we visited and have now exhausted Mestre’s limited appeal and will hike into Venice real for our next tasting. After the Barbera, which really I can’t get over how bad it was, we changed bars and changed regions, trying the Ruffino basic Il Ducale. Clearly a blended wine, it wasn’t without some charms, but still, gotta give it a “meh“.

The QPR wine of the night was by a producer I’d never tried (Geretto) from Friuli but I was keen to try a Cabernet Franc and the nose was Christina Aguilera Diiiiirty, vegetal, cabbage mulch, viney, herby, grass cutting diiiiirty. The flavour profile was great, smooth, not acidic, really drinkable and that nose, I was sold and the price? €1.60 a glass! I can’t find it for sale anywhere on the net, but if you can, it’s cheap and it’s good.

So, from these scribbles on the back of an e-train ticket lets get to the reviews!

Castello di Verduno Barbera d’Alba Bricco del Cuculo 2006PASS – €14
Nice colour, hues were lighter than expected for a 2006 Barbera. The nose, was giving me very little of anything, not the merest hint of fruit, just a very sugary winey artificial nose that did nothing for me. The mouth feel was ok, uninteresting tannins, extremely acidic, I can’t think of anything positive to say, I wouldn’t use it in a cooking sauce. 73 Points

Ruffino Il Ducale Toscana 2005PASS – €9
Dark attractive purple colour with a nice nose, cherries, spice, meaty, the wine smelt “hot”. The palate was soft, but soft like it had been sat out for 3 days (it hadn’t!), nice tannins, smooth and pleasant, a hot little ending and a little vegetal too and no real hold on the finish. Started well, but lost its way on the palate. 82 Points

Casa Geretto Cabernet Franc 2006BUY – €6
Super dark purple in the glass, inviting. The nose was crazy, this is one stinky wine, kinda smelt off, vegetal, soil, vines, even some sweaty gym socks action. This carried through to a point on the palate which was soft, super smooth and easy to drink, non acidic, pleasant and fantastic QPR. 85 Points

I can’t review the Peruini Primitivo 05 which I drank along with the meal can only score it 88 points and tell you to look out for it. The Casa Geretto I can’t find for sale and the other two, well, I’m not recommending anyone buy them so once again we’re left without a “Where can I buy this wine”.

Question of the Day
What is the most bizarre nose you’ve ever gotten from a wine?

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  1. Alexander says:

    Sounds like a disappointing night. I used to think wooden lollypop sticks but if you sit and think about it, wood and fruit, not so unusual. So I will go with wet hamster. Really smell a Paulliac, then smell a wet hamster.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The meat profile wines are not something I can stomach, I once found this with tobacco and graphite. Revolting, some Chilean wine yet the name escapes me.

  3. tina76 says:

    I’m very pleased to have joined the ranks of your blog. Hopefully next time, our tastings will include some better wine…I had a nice one with Gordon tonight. I’d be interested to hear what you think of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m really sorry that you found anything good in Barbera Castello di Verduno. I love it!Maybe, the wine you tasted was out of condition…a glass from an open (maybe 3-4 days)bottle!

  5. Hi TinaMy pleasureAnonymous Well, I suppose that could be it. I was suprised to dislike the wine so intensely also, though I cant imagine why anyone in their right mind would want to give it a second chance I suppose I should just because I slagged it so hard.

  6. Jasper Lewis says:

    Absolutely about that Cabernet Franc. Completely vegetal, cabbage for me.

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  8. YepAnd what I love most, is that my readers are actually drinking WHILE posting!Only joking Fred *kisses to you*

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