Gaja Darmagi 2001

Gaja Darmagi 2001

Gaja Darmagi 2001 is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wine from the Piedmont. Gaja Darmagi is considered to be one of the most exciting Cabernets in Italy’s top vintages and I’m writing a quick blog entry to announce that we’re now carrying this wine and for those Gaja fans out there who haven’t tried the 2001, the wine is very expressive of the terroir and carries a real essence of Barbaresco with it.

Stephen Tanzer rated the 2001 as a 93 point wine, we go a point under that, it’s a luscious wine but not as complex as some Gaja wines. Coming in at €138 and at 92 points it’s clearly not a value wine, but Gaja rarely is. Gaja wines are for a special occasion, an experience to remember and for anniversaries and fancy parties!

A better value wine and a better wine period from Gaja is the Barberesco of the same vintage, still expensive at €114. However, if you are Cabernet Sauvignon fan, like I know many of you are, then the Darmagi will give you a real treat, traditional Cab nose and flavours, cassis, bell peppers and some spicy dark fruit, the colour is as dark as any Cabernet I’ve seen recently, pretty close to black, inky and full bodied.

If you would like to try some Italian Cabernet Sauvignons but are not willing or able to spend €130 on a bottle of wine then a 100% Italian Cab worth a quick look would be a Santa Anastasia Litra 2004 coming out of Sicily these are great value wines (€30). Review below.

Santa Anastasia Litra Cabernet Sauvignon 2004BUY – €30
Nice dark ruby red looking thick and full bodied in the glass. Takes a bit of wristy swirling to open up, be patient, a wonderful nose of spices, sugar, plums and dark fruits. A little herbaceous and hot too. Fat and bold on the mouth feel, a little oaky at the end but a very pleasant tasting experience, not too much fruit on the palate, needs a few more years. 2012 and on is my guess. 91 Points

You can buy the Darmagi at The Cellar Door but I’m going to recommend the Santa Anastasia as a better value buy, like I said, the Gaja is a one off celebration wine, the Litra is more an everyday drinking wine or a Sunday special.

Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans – La Cantina di Cicerone – €30
Americans – Not imported to your shores. Sorry folks.
Brits – La Cantina di Cicerone – €30

Question of the Day?
What is the most money you have ever spent on a wine? Was it worth it?

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  1. David says:

    Chateau la Mission Haut-Brion 1995Bought at auction for stupid dollars and was notup to mark on many cheaper Bordeaux.

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