Radikon Merlot

Radikon Merlot

Radikon Merlot comes in one jazzy bottle in a litre size with a shocking label. Radikon Merlot is one of the top Merlot bottlings of Friuli and as Merlot Month enters its final leg we are investigating the Merlots of my ‘hood, north eastern Italy and specifically Friuli. This is where the great and the good oeneologists have deemed the area of Italy most similar to Pomerol, France and that terrific Merlot should be naturally at home here. They’re certainly trying. Friuli Merlot is pouring out of the wine makers veins and vines around these parts and todays offering, the Radikon Merlot, has a real cult following. Will all the pzazz be equal to the quality of the wine? Erm, no.

Perhaps following Redigaffi on the palate was a tall order for the Radikon, or perhaps the 35°c week long heat blaze has made me angry with my locale, but I’m pretty sure this just isn’t all that great. It’s 87 points good, which is jolly tasty indeed, but for €100 – I’ve been robbed.

So what of wine maker Radikon?

Stanislao Radikon is a pioneer in wine making, perhaps on this occasion he hasn’t produced the best Merlot I’ve had, but the producer is notable for other reasons.

Radikon is a naturalist wine maker who has managed to make his wines resistant to oxidation, even though he uses no sulfur dioxide to stabilize the wine. There are no stainless steel fermentation vats or a whiff of new oak around his vineyards, instead old wine making techniques are employed. It makes sense then, that with the naturalist approach and a terroir most suited to Merlot that this wine has won high praise, indeed it was recommended to me by Antonio Galloni himself. As an 80’s kid raised in the UK, I am not best placed to appreciate the particularities of natural wine production, so please, try the Radikon Merlot for yourself! What I do love about the wine is that it is a fine expression of the stoney, minerally ground upon which it sprung but it just didn’t taste all that great, and that’s kinda important.

Radikon Merlot 2000PASS – €100
Mid ruby red with an expressive mineral nose, the stones of the terroir are present and some good fruit on the nose including plums and cherries. On the palate the wine is mid bodied and a little acidic, good tannic structure and a nice length to the finish but where is the fruit? 87 Points

I know I can be a bit of a Ribena Berry, but I’m down with vegetal, down with animal and down with mineral and I’m not sure where, on the palate, this wine belongs. A little help?

Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans – Corte di Bacco – €100
Americans – Wine Library – $109
Brits – Corte di Bacco – €100

If you’ve tried this wine, please tell me what you think to it? I am confused. Or comment about anything, comments have gone off the boil and tears are welling in my eyes.

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  1. Anthony says:

    I have never tasted this wine before…. But I think this will be perfect option for completing special dinner of party… I think I will try this wine…

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