Avignonesi Desiderio Merlot

Avignonesi Desiderio Merlot

Avignonesi Desiderio Merlot, or Avignonesi Desiderio Cortona Merlot (why can’t anyone agree on a name!) is a cheeky entry that I have realised contains 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. This actually disqualifies it from my 100% Merlot list for Merlot Month. However, I’ve tried it now and so will write about it none the less. Avignonesi is a producer with a fine pedigree out of the Tuscany region of Italy. Their Via Santo scored a huge 100 points with James Suckling and the Wine Spectator in 1990 (and they say sweet wines can fool you right?).

So what do we have here, an 85% Merlot/15% Cabernet Sauvignon blend, aged 18 months in french barriques, from a producer who is steadily reducing their range of wines and concentrating on producing fewer finer wines. The company has four vineyards and the Merlot comes out of La Selva, situated at Cignano, on the hills of the Chiuso di Cortona. Hence, the name Avignonesi Desiderio Cortona Merlot.

So not a Merlot at all, but still a very pleasant wine and better than some of the others of this week, not even a Friuli Merlot, man, I really dropped the ball on this one! Lots of availability in the states for this wine, probably Avignonesi is a brand you might know? Let me know. This is another case buy recommendation, I’m sorry it’s not a 100% Merlot as this could have been crowned QPR king! Oh well, a gem anyway!

Avignonesi Desiderio Cortona Merlot 2004BUY – €35
Very dark purple, edging on black in the glass. Aromatically explosive, berries, vanilla, cedar, cassis and chocolate. Completely full bodied and luscious, tremendous mouth feel, supple, silky tannins, fruity all the way down with a super long satisfying finish. Great QPR. 93 Points

Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans – Italian Wine Shop – €35
Americans – Salt Creek Wine Co – $49
Brits – Everywine – £31

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Short blog today, thanks for those comments yesterday, I love to discuss the wines with you guys and will definitely do the Rosé thing and the two different grape varietals as well as Futronics Trebbiano rec. Keep Talking!

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    Hi SarahFollowed you over from Twitter. Some nice stuff going on here.

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    which rose wines are you doing?

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