Livon Tiare Mate Merlot

Livon Tiare Mate Merlot

Livon Tiare Mate Merlot is a 100% Merlot from the Friuli region of Italy (see, I got it right this time) and the last of our Merlot Month wines. Finally I have worked my way, painstakingly and without praise, through 10 of Italy finest Merlots recommended to me by friends, colleagues and even the Parker reviewer himself, Antonio Galloni.

Of course 10 Merlot wines alone are not exactly a Gambero Rosso stylee cross section of quality but we had here 10 of the best Merlot wines Italy had to offer and almost all of them I’d re-order, 3 I’d buy a case of tomorrow and 1 is the best wine I’ve tasted since beginning the blog.
I know you are getting bored of all the Merlot and want to move into Summer with some new grape varietals and next week, that is what we shall do. Please bring some Italian Rosé wines to my attention, I have in my mind a good idea of the wines I shall review but if there is one you’d like to see go up my nose and down my throat, do say wontcha!
So, Livon hey? Big old Livon with vineyards in Friuli, Tuscany and Umbria produce a mammoth selection of wines. “Yeah Yeah, you always say that” I hear you whinge, but THIS TIME it’s true.

Over forty different wines are produced by Livon including Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Tocai Fruilano, Pinot Bianco, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sagrantino and even a new Spumante with a name on it’s bottle that makes you look twice. EYES RIGHT! (that’s Fenis)

Livon are well praised internally, the Italian wine press are big fans but outside of Italy the wines are not quite as well appreciated, they are well sold, but not commanding the same kind of respect as back home.

Usually it is this wine, the Tiare Mate Merlot that take the top awards but Gambero Rosso are usually well taken with the Braide Alte, routinely awarding Tre Bicchiere, an age worthy and exemplary blended white (seek that one out, very tasty). With such a large production what Livon really brings to the table is a fairly good standard of wine at a very fair price.

This whole range is QPR (um, except this one time!) and there are not many rotten apples in this 40 wide bunch. Reliable Livon. We all like reliable don’t we?!

The cheapest Merlot of all the recommendations at €17, I’m sorry to say that it does show. This past month I’ve been thru Redigaffi, Messorio and Patrimo, some of the best Merlots out of Italy so perhaps I have a spoiled palate. This is the worst of the bunch in terms of score, in terms of QPR, it’s alright, but I wouldn’t buy it again and I wouldn’t recommend it to you guys. I had the 2003, couldn’t find a 2004, which I am sure would be better, and if also at €17 could be worth a second look.

Livon Tiare Mate Merlot 2003PASS – €17
Brick red in the glass, beautiful but lighter than expected. A quick and interesting nose, all the berries but rather simple. Mid bodied and a disappearing fruit act on the palate wasn’t appreciated however the mouth feel was smooth and the finish was elegant. Nice but too simple, vintage issues? 86 Points

So tha-that-thathathats all folks. Merlot Month is finished. Quick Round up? Let’s do it.

98 PointsTua Rita Redigaffi Merlot 2001 BUY – €210
95 PointsLe Macchiole Messorio 2001 BUY – €169
93 PointsFeudi di San Gregorio Patrimo 2004BUY – €60
93 PointsAvignonesi Desiderio Cortona Merlot 2004BUY – €35
92 PointsVilla Russiz Merlot Graf de la Tour 2004BUY – €32
92 PointsFalesco Montiano 2001BUY – €26
91 PointsRoberto Voerzio Langhe Merlot Fontanazza 2004PASS – €129
87 PointsRadikon Merlot 2000PASS – €100
87 PointsVie di Romans Voos Dai Ciamps Merlot 2001PASS – €25
86 PointsLivon Tiare Mate Merlot 2003PASS – €17

So the best QPR here is the Avignonesi, which is a mostly Merlot from Tuscany and a rather embarrassing but happy accident for Merlot Month! The Avignonesi, Villa Russiz and Falesco are all case worthy buys.

The biggest QPR *blows into hand* PASS goes to my main man Roberto Voerzio and the wooden spoon for worst Merlot of the pack goes to Livon.
Tua Rita waltz off with top marks again. I am sure they are stoked to have won Merlot Month!

Where can I buy this wine? (Livon Tiare Mate Merlot 2003 – Um Don’t! Get the Montiano)
Europeans – Enoteca Costantini – €17
Americans – Grapes of Norwalk – $42
Brits – You can’t. Cry no tears fellow limeys.

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Should I do a 10 flight again? Did you enjoy the reviews of these Merlot wines or are you screaming “No more frickin Merlot” like someone might have said in a film once! :op Do these results surprise you? Rosé recommendations, come now.

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  1. Jake Moore says:

    Hi SarahI have enjoyed reading the reviews, useful to see them all lined up like that, makes the good stand out nicely.I would prefer to see some italian whites under review than Rose which is getting over exposed anyway here in the states.Happy 4th July

  2. BillyWarhol says:

    Yeah that Fenis Bottle is Beautifully Designed – Black Graphics looks very Rich*;))

  3. Anonymous says:

    No more frickin Merlot

  4. Bruno says:

    Really enjoyable, I would not buy italian merlot though

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