Sassicaia 2005

Sassicaia 2005

Sassicaia 2005 from Tenuta San Guido is another one of those Super Tuscans that might have had a rough time in 2005. Sassicaia is pretty much the undisputed king of Super Tuscans, and along with Tignanello and Ornellaia make up the triple crown of Super Tuscan wines. With half the production of Antinori’s Tignanello but always in demand, Sassicaia is considerably more expensive (around 180,000 bottles a year are produced) and personally, year on year, I prefer Sassicaia.

2005 hurt Tignanello and Ornellaia but did Sassicaia also take a beating? Not so much. It’s not the best Sassicaia of the decade, it’s not even better than the 2004, but its the best of the top 3 Super T’s and for my marks, a 94 point wine. Sassicaia is a Cabernet Sauvignon wine with the smallest handful of Cabernet Franc grapes so really it is a remarkable job by Tenuta San Guido to produce such a fine wine on a summer that was unkind to Cab Sauv, but even worse for Sangiovese and perhaps why this year it’s clearly a better wine than the Tignanello.

This is a pricey wine. Like the other Super T’s and in a similar vein to what happened in Bordeaux last year, the prices haven’t gone anywhere from the 2004 mega vintage. So if you can find a 2004 its a safer bet for investment or laying down. However the 2005’s are really accessible and great for today and will continue to be at an optimum from around 2010-2020. The 2005 Sassicaia is clearly thinner than the 2004 so its a question of which style of wine you prefer and what you are buying the wine for. To drink of course? Hmmm, maybe not, Sassicaia from the best vintages sells for hot money at auction.

Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia 2005BUY – €90
Good deep ruby red in the glass, generous notes of chocolate raisins, some herbs and a little smoke. Mid bodied and well balanced, lovely mouth feel with silky tannins. Blackberry on the mid palate, very fresh, lively and fruity. Long sumptuous finish. Stellar effort. 94 Points

Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans – Bracali – €90
Americans – Wine Library – $150
Brits – Four Walls Wine – £85 – (sorry Brits, ripped off again)

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Which is your favourite Super Tuscan? Simply your favourite blended wine from Tuscany, one of the Big 3 or not? Got any recommendations?

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  1. says:

    and the big three are? Sassicaia Ornellaia and Solaia I presume…In my opinion Lupicaia from Castello del Terriccio is not far from these and in the (distant) future keep an eye on Petra from Suvereto

  2. Haley Richards says:

    What happened to you on Twitter?

  3. I’ve taste Sassicaia before and although I think it is well made wine, I don’t think it’s worth the price tag. Very pricey from my perspective.

  4. Oh Yea, haven’t see any twitter updates in few days.

  5. Twitter have had some kind of major crash in the last few days I’ve lost 800 followers because of it. There are many people effected, so I hope it sorts itself out in the next few days 😀

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