Ca del Bosco Cuvee Annamaria Clementi

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Ca del Bosco Cuvee Annamaria Clementi

Ca del Bosco Cuvee Annamaria Clementi is the top bottling of Lombardy power-producer Ca del Bosco. Faced with last nights choice of sparkler I had to make a toughie between Ca del Bosco Cuvee Annamaria Clementi and the Giacosa Spumante Extra Brut. I opted for this wine for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve drunk so much Giacosa this year it’s borderline obscene and secondly, because the Ca del Bosco comes from Lombardy, a region I have continually neglected since the beginning of the blog.

Ca del Bosco is a huge outfit and the most famous wine maker internationally within Lombardy. Producing some of Italy’s highest quality sparkling whites, Ca del Bosco do not stop there also producing daring red Bordeaux blends, Chardonnay, Carmenere, Pinot Nero, Merlot and 2 Franco-Italico blends using Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Barbera and Nebbiolo (I know! Click here to see this wine) all grown in Franciacorte. One question though, no Riesling? 😀

Despite this industrious and inventive range Ca del Bosco are known for their sparkling wines, producing 7 highly respected sparklers both of the white and pink variety. This one is undoubtedly the best, the Brut Cuvee Annamaria however does have a reputation for vying quite wildly year on year from “The best sparkling white in all of Italy” in good vintages to “The most overpriced sparkling white” in bad. I got my mits on the 2001 and hand on heart it’s quality, as it ought to be at €60 a pop.

However, very few wines can be used as a living room ornament come fancy paper weight after consumption and so you’re getting value right off the bat!

Ca del Bosco receives tanto amore on home soil. As I’ve whinged about more than once, finding French wines in Italy is impossible so when the sports teams of Italy win, as they seem invariable to do, you’ll likely see this stumpy fella on the podium opposed to your Champagnes with a capital C. Ca del Bosco are the teachers pet of Gambero Rosso with over 25 Tre Bicchere awards putting them just behind Mr Gaja and Spinetta.

Ca del Bosco Cuvee Annamaria Clementi 2001BUY – €60
Spicy notes come straight out of the glass, with some secondary notes of apples, flowers, a nutty (pine nuts!!!) character and toasted oak. Well balanced and full bodied sparkling white with acres of pineapples & a little stone fruit on the palate and a long, vibrant finish, standout acidity, fresh and charming. 92 Points

Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans – Italian Wine Shop – €61
Americans – Cellar Brokers – $60
Brits – Nickolls and Perks – £48
Australians – Cellar d’Or – AU$141

Could only find the 1990 in the States. What’s the story with that?

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My excuse for opening such a fantastic bottle of Sparkling wine for myself, on my lonesome, on a Wednesday night? I have levelled my World of Warcraft character to 68 and it took me, on and off, 4 months to do it. I blame each one of you for this. What has been your most questionable justification for popping Champagne/Sparkling wine?

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  1. Sally says:

    World of Warcraft? The books with the goblins?The best reason for Champagne is birthday, christmas, new years etc, the most spurious reason personally was my second decree nisi.

  2. The Prosecco Lady says:

    My most questionable justification for popping the champers has been to celebrate a breakup. My companion at the table (and ex) didn’t clink that champagne glass with the same delight.

  3. Moonkin says:

    I hate champagne. I know this is a terrible thing to say, but I hate champagne. Does that mean I will hate this?

  4. futronic says:

    Ok, a few comments:“I’ve drunk so much Giacosa this year it’s borderline obscene …”Sarah – you take that back. There is no such thing. I might have to stop reading your blog if you continue with this nonsense (Just kidding. Maybe).Moonkin – Yes, that’s a terrible thing to say. Bubbles in most forms are fantastic. Except that sparkling shiraz crap from Australia. Blech! (There is other bubbly plonk out there too).Best reason for popping bubbles of any sort is no reason at all. Or Tuesday. Not to mention that a magnum of bubbles is a perfect serving for two people, so if you’ve got company, have at it!Love Franciacorta from Ca’del Bosco, although I haven’t had the Annamaria Clementi. The 1999 or 2001 was available in Montreal last year in and around $100CAD, but not here in Toronto.For other top-class Franciacorta, I love Bellavista. The Saten and Pas Opere vintage releases are consistently outstanding, but the Gran Cuvee and Brut aren’t too shabby either! Haven’t had the Rose yet, however.

  5. massimo says:

    This is a very good sparkling white alternative to champagne and much much cheaper. 95 point champagnes do not sell for 60€

  6. Well, I’ve been told off for recommending this expensive sparkling wine and apparently there are lots of fantastic cheap sparklers coming out of the US so the Twitter contingency tell me, Virginia especially. Bit hard to come by here but perhaps in the UK I might be able to find one?!Futronic – Im saving my Giacosa for tomorrow night, having a very special meal for my last big bash in Venice before I go home ;0)I never took you as a bubbles fan!

  7. futronic says:

    There’s a lot of things that people may not expect! Enjoy your last night in Venezia …I’m not English, but to the naysayers from Virgina, just tell them to sod off. I’m being polite with that.P.S. – my favourite Champagne producer is Salon. Love it. Krug is fantastic of course, and Billecart Salmon Rose Cuvee Elisabeth Salmon. And Heidsieck Brut, Brut Millenaires, and of course the Champagne Charlie! Need I go on to Taittinger Comtes de Champagne and Bollinger R.D. and Pol Roger’s Cuvee Winston Churhill?I’ll stop now. 🙂Safe travels back to Londontown!

  8. Moonkin says:

    Maybe Asti@Futronic?

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