Poggio Argentiera Fonte 40

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Poggio Argentiera Fonte 40

Poggio Argentiera Fonte 40 was the stand-out wine from the final two wines I was asked to try by Poggio Argentiera. So today I am obviously very sad that my Poggio experiment is over but extremely happy to be bringing to the whole wine world this screaming value white wine that appealed directly to my palate (and wallet) and will be the white I’m bringing to all my parties this year. High praise indeed? Well, I don’t get that many party invites but sure, this wine is a QPR bargain, it’s aromatically explosive, fruit on the nose, fruit on the palate, fruit every which way you want it and some good old minerality and length in there for good measure.

I like my whites fruity and balanced and I love it when my whites throw in something I really wasn’t expecting and with this 40% Ansonica/40% Vermentino and 20% Fiano blend it was bringing me a bunch of ripe bananas. No word of a lie. Total Bananas. The Fiano in this wine seemed to feature very prominently as my tasting note is all about the tropical fruits, creamy edge and mineral quality which is all Fiano.

Poggio Argentiera Fonte 40BUY – €11.50
Dark golden colour. Hugely aromatic, pears, tropical fruits, alcoholic on the nose, seriously detecting banana peel. Refreshing, nice acidity on the palate, fruity from the initial attack all the way to the finish, as expected a little alcoholic on the end but pleasingly so. This is a brilliant white wine, perfectly attuned to my taste in white, full of character. 90 Points

I might seem crazy with the 90, especially with the notable presence of the alcohol but it did nothing to detract from these great creamy, citrus (and banana!) flavours. The only problem I have with this wine is finding it. I found only one online merchant supplying the wine. Both these white wines would kill in the Italian restaurants of London and by George we must do what needs to be done to let these bottles fulfill their wine destiny!

Last night I also sampled the Guazza. This is an 80% Ansonica – 20% Vermentino blend that is a little more subtle and lighter but still a good value white that I can give a big fat BUY to.

Poggio Argentiera GuazzaBUY – €7
Light golden colour. Nice tropical fruits on the nose, quite creamy also with hints of peach. Mid bodied, very fruity on the mid palate with a mineral note too, excellent balance and mouth feel, complete, not too hot, very acceptable and refreshing. Finish is clipped and a tad watery – 86 Points

This is a wine I can go for when I don’t want a white to dominate the food but still want a fruity character, the clipped finish doesn’t allow this wine to stand alone in my humble.
Well, that’s it. Now I have to go back to buying my own wines like a schmuck! 😀

Where can I buy this wine? (Fonte 40)
Only one stockist online – Italian Wine Selection – €11.50

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You know how food tastes better when someone else cooks it? So then, does wine taste better when it’s gratis? 😀 Favourite white wines under £10 ($20)?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Domaine de la Janasse Terre de Bussière ’06 is a real bargain for £8, made from a producer renowned for top-of-the-range Chateâuneuf-du-Pape. Herby, spicy, delicious.

  2. Brett Frazier says:

    There are some great value whites coming out of New Zealand. Not only Sauv Blanc and Riesling but also look to Allan Scott’s Chardonnays this wine is one of the top deals anywhere in wine.

  3. Moonkin says:

    Two words; CHENIN BLANCDomaine des Aubuisieres VouvrayDomaine des Baumard SavennieresDomaine Francois Pinon Vouvray

  4. Anonymous says:

    On the other hand Radcliffe’s Regional Classics are absolutely vile.

  5. wow, I’m overwhelmed! It didn’t expect that, and beside, I didn’t even know which wines you were sent, because we did everything randomly. I think you might also have liked the other two, the Alture and the Maremmante, which I’ll certainly present to you asap.The wines are difficult to find because we face all the time the old cliché that the only wines from Tuscany that worth a penny are the reds. Of course I don’t think so. As a matter of fact those two wines are not imported in the UK. Shame.

  6. Ryan Aitken says:

    Brett,Australia still has some good whites under 20. I am constantly impressed with Yalumba Viognier.In Italy there are some well priced Vin Santo wines inc frescobaldi and falchini. They are sweet, but still white.

  7. TBH Gianpaolo the Fonte 40 just ticks all the boxes for me personally. However, I do feel strongly enough that I’d like to get hold of a few cases to have a few tastings in London. Maybe a nice idea would be a london based tasting of your wines with a few important bods there.Theres a few ideas to think about but at these prices I’m excited by these wines.

  8. Sally says:

    No question about it Sarah. Free wine tastes better.

  9. Richard Scaife says:

    Hi SarahNice to see you’re back on the Italian wines. Have no experience of this producer but nice to see some Tuscan wines on here for a change. My favourite whites you already mention, I think Fiano is a wonderful deal at the moment. Any more recommendations under €10?

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