Château La Variere Anjou Villages Brissac Caberner Franc

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Château La Variere Anjou Villages Brissac Cabernet Franc 2005

After all the Sainsburys bashing recently I decided I’d better switch supermarkets and found this, the Château La Variere Anjou Villages Brissac Cabernet Franc 2005 at my local Waitrose. Having had mixed experience of Cabernet Franc from North East Italy I thought it was time to get some French Franc but, always loving to go with the kooky, this is left field Loire.

It worked out well. A wine suitable to bring to parties (as I did for my flatmates partner this Friday) and a wine I can see going great with some Ardennes pate and harder cheeses the wine is total value at £8 and not your stinking vegetal Cab Franc but your smooth, subtle raspberry number that will get your house mates taking down the name on the label. Brava Waitrose.

This was the best value from a mixed bag on the night that included a promising showing from the Chiarlo Barolo Tortoniano ’03 and a corked Stroblhof Blauburgunder Riserva.

At £8 the Château La Variere Anjou Villages Brissac has got me looking at other wines from the Anjou area. As high quality red is not something the area is known for real bargains can be found. If you have had some exposure to the wines of Anjou then you’ll certainly know the area is awesome in their Chenin Blanc based sweet whites (Coteaux du Layon) but to have a red wine of this standard from the area is a little special so I highly recommend you keep your eyes peeled for this. It may not be £8 for much longer (especially after my review! Haw Haw)

Château La Variere Anjou Villages Brissac Cabernet Franc 2005BUY – £8
High intensity ruby red the wine opens up quickly giving off a generous nose of ripe berries and vanilla. On the palate an amazing initial attack, the wine is smooth and well balanced, some serious tannins but a good acidity keeping everything in check, 14.5% alcohol shows a little hot on the end. Enjoyable finish with fruit all the way through the tasting experience. Thoroughly enjoyable as a stand alone wine. 90 Points

Michele Chiarlo Barolo Tortoniano 2003BUY – £25
Ruby red with orange hues. A typical Barolo nose with obvious flowers, tar and truffles as well as a sweet strawberry note and touches of cinnamon. On the palate the wine is drinking well today though still quite tannic, good flavourful wine with a long finish though still a few years from a decent level of maturity. 91 Points

Expecting the Tortoniano to take off in a couple of years but for a lower end Barolo this is good value. For drinking today, buy 3 bottles of the Château La Variere Anjou Villages Brissac Cabernet Franc.

Where can I buy this Wine?
Just Waitrose – £8

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I went to see Sarah Silverman at the Hammersmith Apollo last night and she bombed in a similar fashion to the Stroblhof Blauburgunder Riserva. Question is: Which wine makes you want to curl up in a ball, start rocking back and forth, and hope the ground swallows Sarah Silverman up?

Or anything else wine related 😀

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  1. Steve Ess says:

    Told you Morrisons was a better bet. Sainsburys has gone to the dawgs. Esso

  2. Boxcar says:

    Never. Sarah Silverman is f*cking awesome. I read the bad press from London and was shocked. Maybe her humor does not translate in England?

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Sarah…I don’t even know who she is I must be too old….out of curiosity are you only going to show prices in pounds now?…jil

  4. HiSure I can put the prices in € too.With this particular wine sadly only available in the UK. Check it out when you come to good old London.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sarah! How are things going back in the U.K.? What makes me curl up in a ball and rock? White Zinfandel. Unfortunately my mom’s not a wine lover and I cringe whenever she asks for it. I did get her hooked on prosecco during her last visit here, though. I guess it’s a start! -Tina

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