Sergio Mottura Grechetto Latour a Civitella

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Sergio Mottura Grechetto Latour a Civitella

Sergio Mottura Grechetto Latour a Civitella is one of Italy’s best Grechetto wines but a little on the QT *taps nose* internationally. Within Italy the wine is well known, mostly because Mottura is one of only two Lazio producers to ever bag a Tre Bicchiere award with Gambero Rosso elevating the producer into the same strata as the mighty Falesco. Tellus more….. (get it? No? Ok moving on).

Grechetto is really not known as a grape producing great whites. This bottling comes from Northern Lazio (Civitella d’Angliano) and the grape is actually a Greek native that finds its best expression generally not in Lazio, but just over the border in Umbria in the Orvieto DOC. If you’ve tried Grechetto chances are you were actually drinking Orvieto DOC and whilst there are a couple of producers bringing out the best in Grechetto in Umbria, bizarely it is Mottura in his corner of Lazio scooping the awards. Grechetto Latour a Civitella is generally thought to be the finest expression of Grechetto in all of Italy.

Most Italian wines I feature that are without international press are hard for you guys to come by but Mottura will handle personal orders, even as small as a case of 6 wines and forward them to the UK, USA and mainland Europe meaning I do not have to complete that tiring “Where can I find this wine” section today 😀

Grechetto, and especially this bottle, have ageing capabilities and shows a completely different character with a further 10 or even just 5 years. Gambero Rosso even went as far to claim that with 10 years ageing this sub £20 bottle is one of Italy’s finest white wines. If you fancy trying this for yourself, which I’m sure you will after reading my review, then you can order direct from Mottura here and avoid those pesky retailers.

Sergio Mottura Grechetto Latour a Civitella 2004BUY – £15
Rich, deep golden colour and a real force on the nose. Tropical aromas of pineapple, even bananas and cream as well as a touch of pleasant oak. Fruity and balanced on the palate, rich and opulent with a smooth long finish. Beautiful wine and will improve – 92 Points

There’s a lot of BUY, BUY, BUY recently, but fear not, for those that like to see my wines bomb you’ll be pleased to know my BBR shipment arrived today and I’m sure at least half will be eye poppingly terrible. *crosses fingers*

No Buy section today as mentioned but please…..

Grechetto, ever tried it? Or even La Tour ever tried it?! Just say whatever you like, anything goes with me you know that by now. Cheery bye. x

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  1. Mark Sherringham says:

    Never had an interest in Grechetto, even in the local area there are far better white varieties. The blended wines from Antinori in Umbria are of note.

  2. We just consumed a bottle of this excellent wine, purchase at the cantina. It came across as a big wine, substantial and fruity, with a tart, raisin-like palate. This Grechetto was clearly the most interesting example I've tasted, but it's really a wine to be enjoyed with a meal, and a substantial one: no fish, unless perhaps salmon. Porchetta might well be the thing. The growers say it should be drunk, just a bit above cellar temperature, say 15 C.

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