Bonny Doon Big House White

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Bonny Doon Big House White

California Whites! We’ve got it all here folks. The Bonny Doon Big House White 2004 was popped and poured (well, unscrewed and poured) last night and just for once I reckon I’m in too late. That is the Bonny Doon Big House White 2004 is teetering on, and in my opinion has fallen off, its drinking curve into “past it”.

There’s only one thing worse than drinking wine too early and that’s drinking wine too late and whilst this wine was just a tenner and not like opening a Margaux on the turn I still felt mildly wounded, especially as I’d bought it the previous week. Whatchagonnado?

So whilst I’m going to give my opinion on this bottle and, of course, tell you to pass do remember that this is just a note on the 2004 vintage, this particular year, and the Big House 2007 may well be drinking beautifully.

Bonny Doon are a big name in California. Up in the Santa Cruz mountains Bonny Doon produce a big range of wines but no longer this one. In 2006 Bonny Doon sold the Big House brand to The Wine Group LLC so if you are looking to buy the new vintages of Big House Red or White or want further information you need to be here and not here. Bonny Doon are famous for popularising Rhone grape varietals in California and have done a pretty good job with both red and white wines at fair prices including the Syrah I wrote about a few weeks ago as well as experimenting with Nebbiolo (there’s the link!).

I’d be very interested to see if the Piedmont adventures work quite so well as the Rhone forays for Bonny Doon. I’ve only experienced one Californian Nebbiolo and that was from Palmina who actually do a pretty good job considering the reluctance of Nebbiolo to travel. If you’ve tried Nebbiolo outside of the Piedmont lets hear about it.

As for the Big House White, this is a 13.5% ABV blended white with Viognier, Chenin Blanc and French Colombard grapes. No idea what the percentage of each grape is sadly, the label doesn’t feel compelled to reveal that information.

Bonny Doon Big House White 2004PASS – €12
A mid straw yellow colour with good intensity. Can not state enough how hugely aromatic this wine is with peach blossom, honeysuckle, lychee and orange peel. A lot going on with this nose. On the palate the initial attack continues with a floral note but the transition to the midpalate starts a bizarre descent in quality. The wine becomes obviously flabby and off balance with poor acidity and the finish is lacking in all flavour and turns green. In the end you’re left with a cheap vodka taste. 81 Points

So once again, the wine seems old, unless this is how it rolls with the Big House White and if so it serves as another deterrent to stay on the right side of the law. In the interest of fairness I’ll have to buy a more recent vintage and amend the bottom of the page.

Where can I buy this wine?
Americans – Empire Wine – $6.95 (2006)
Europeans – Revelstoke Wines – €10 (2006)
Brits – Revelstoke Wines – £8.50 (2006)

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Experiences of Bonny Doon please, especially the Big House White. Also any tales of non Piedmont Nebbiolo? Does it work for you?

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  1. Just like to point out that you didn’t buy this tired, old vintage from me!

  2. Just likt to point out that you didn’t buy this tired old vintage from me!Mark@Revelstoke

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