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Wine Spectator Top 100

I’m a week late on the Wine Spectator Top 100 wines, they went ahead and released the results before telling me and I’m mighty peeved. Luckily, they have redeemed themselves by placing 4 Italian wines in the Top 10 and 2 of those I’ve reviewed this year!

Wine90! Finger on da pulse! See the full Wine Spectator Top 100 Wine List Here

It is brilliant to see Brancaia in the top 10 – I self ordained their Il Blu my Top QPR Italian wine of the year, and also, another home boy winner, my favourite Chianti Classico, Barone Ricasoli at number 5 and is the top ranking Italian wine of the year. Nicely done WineSpectator.

Every year it is argued on what criteria Wine Spectator are evaluating these wines but it would appear it is certainly price/quality ratio and availability in the States. Although these wine awards do have their critics they are far and away a better guide to the best wines of the world than the Decanter awards which I find utterly baffling and completely misleading.

Italian Wines that made the list:
#5 – Baron Ricasoli – Chianti Classico Castello di Brolio 2006 – $54#7 – Renato RattiBarolo Marcenasco 2005 – $44
#8 – FontodiColli della Toscana Centrale Flaccianello 2006 – $110

#10 – BrancaiaToscana Tre 2007 – $20
#11 – Poggio Il CastellareBrunello di Montalcino 2004 – $50
#13 – Fattoria di FelsinaToscana Fontalloro 2006 – $52
#15 – Marchesi deFrescobaldiBrunello di Montalcino Castelgiocondo 2004 – $65
#16 – UccellieraBrunello di Montalcino 2004 – $65
#27 – La MassaToscana Giorgio Primo 2007 – $65
#30 – Setti PontiToscana Crognolo 2007 – $35
#35 – Viticcio – Chianti Classico Riserva 2006 – $32
#37 – PetroloToscana Torrione 2007 – $40
#46 – I GreppiBolgheri Greppicante 2007 – $28
#61 – Monte AnticoSangiovese-Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon Toscana 2006 – $12
#70 – St Michael EppanPinot Grigio Alto Adige 2008 – $15
#79 – Livio FellugaPinot Grigio Collio 2008 – $24
#80 – ArgianoToscana Non Confunditur 2007 – $25
#81 – Paolo ScavinoBarolo Carorbic 2005 – $90

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  1. Dan says:

    Hard to argue with entries for Scavino but I'd have thought he would show higher and Barolo would be ranked more highly. So many Brunello di Montalcino wines are over rated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Many view the WS Top 100 as a joke, has no bearing on the wine scene whatever. Just go and read some of the threads on the wine forums.

    You also praise Matt Skinners book whatever. Think..he wrote notes on wines he had not even tasted. Some of the vintages were not even released.

    Your blog should do better.

    Bob in Alberta.

  3. Well Bob in Alberta,

    In comparison to the Decanter awards they have far more relevance for the wine world in my opinion and judging wine, like this blog, like any wine awards is a contentious issue.

    After I published the review on Matt Skinner book I did find out that he had not tried the wines and I don't believe I did actually praise it, but note that it was full of australian wines and only any real use to someone with limited wine knowledge.

    Please read before leaving a negative comment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “However, given that the top two wines of the year have been unavailable for some time now, it almost defeats the purpose of naming the Wine of the Year that no one can get any of”.

    Rest my case!

    Alberta Bob.

  5. I'm not sure why that is relevant, great things sell out fast.

    I don't think WineSpectator do an international stock taking before announcing their wine of the year.

    How would you do it differently anyway Bob?

    My post is only to highlight the amount of Italian wines in the list and to briefly sum up those Italian wines that made it to the list. I do it every year. I'm not mounting any campaign pro or anti WS rankings, just commenting that they are more relevant than that of Decanter's.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey your doing a nice job on your blog. Bob in Alberta is adding some interesting notes too. But as far as the WS Top 100 being a joke, it's really not. Some people just take it too seriously. The whole point of the top 100 is to create excitment, conversation and introduce people to wines or regions they may not have tried. And they do a great job with that every year. Yea, I know the top 2 aren't available, but maybe people will try some different Washington State wine or from Toro. If you think it's a joke, they don't pay any attention to it. And regarding the “wine scene”, I'm not sure what that is and if it really exists, especially in Alberta. The world of wine is too big for a “wine scene”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My wine of the year varies depending on what I am doing, eating, spending. However if forced to choose – 2002 Domaine St Nicholas – La Poire 100% Negret direct from the vineyard and cellared for 5 years.

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