Blasi Bertanzi Impronta 2004

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Blasi Bertanzi Impronta 2004
Blasi Bertanzi Impronta 2004 was sent to Wine90 House almost a year ago and had been gathering dust all this time sat quietly in amongst more well known Italian names all the while maturing to what turned out to be a perfect drinking age. Whether I caught Blasi Bertanzi Impronta at the height of its drinking curve or simply found it the perfect accompaniment to the mushroom penne pasta dish of that evening I’m unsure, but one thing I am sure of, is that this wine is taking off right about now.

The Blasi Cantina is on the outskirts of Umbertide, and here, in an unassuming location for excellent Italian wine, a young vintner is making some serious noise in the local area and beginning to attract some national attention. The awarding of due bicchiere for the Cantina’s cheapest €4 red made local wine fans sit up and pay close attention, but it is with the Impronta, his most expensive bottling at €12-16 that the true quality of his wine and dedication to his craft shines most brightly.
Blasi Bertanzi Impronta 2004 is in equal parts a Sagrantino, Merlot and Sangiovese blend from northern Umbria, this IGT wine is in the tender care of Mauro Blasi whose low yields and human intensive wine production methods create wines of outstanding quality. The grapes spend 20 months, individually, in french oak, later blended in stainless steel. The wine then spends a further year maturing in bottle.

Northern Umbria is not renowned for its quality wine production, though of course, the area has been producing wine, like the rest of the country for millennia. The best wines of Umbria have traditionally come from its southern half so it’s especially exciting to find a wine of such quality outside of the area.

The Blasi Bertanzi Impronta 2004 is not found on these shores as no importer has taken up the Blasi Cantina … yet. However, it can be ordered via Italy through the trusty website.

Blasi Bertanzi Impronta 2004BUY – €15
Sitting a deep, thick, brooding, dark cherry red this is an impressive wine before you’ve yet lifted your glass. On the nose this wine has a great licorice, tobacco and blackcurrant profile. The palate is thick, full and long and 100% fruit intensive with blackcurrants, dark cherries and a hint of licorice on the finish. This is a beautifully balanced wine, perfect in fact in balance with fruit, intensity of weight and alcohol playing in harmony. I think the 2004 is drinking at its optimum right now in 2011 and for this I would give this wine – 92 Points

A stonking score for a wine from this area and at this price, but this wine is on the money for the moment, but it now, to drink it now.

Where can I buy this wine? seem to be the only company selling this wine for the moment, still selling the 04’s too.

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