British Airways Club World Wines

Never take the sweetie in the golden wrapper“, that’s what my Grandma used to tell my Mama, and her Mama told her before that, and her Mama told her before that and even her Mama, i’m reliably informed, told her even before that.

golden wrapper

Now my mother; she’s a breed-apart. My mother taught me not only to take the sweetie in the golden wrapper, but to take all the sweeties, throw the wrappers on the floor, eat as many as I could now, stuff the rest in my pockets for later, and to hell with everyone else. So when I was upgraded to Club World from Premium Economy, I grabbed the ticket with both hands, laid back in the BA lounge and acted like I had known nothing but first class my entire life. Feet up. Flat bed. Free Champagne. Or at least that’s what I thought happened in Club World, right?

Turns out, these tickets, while they did entitle me to the flat bed were worth considerably less than the £3000 BA would usually charge for this ticket. Now, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially if that mouth contains sweeties (which it didn’t!), but for the suckers people who paid £3000 a ticket, I’m sure they must have been surprised at the lack of bang for their buck! Would you expect a $15 wine you can find the world over in Club World? Well good, because most of the wines on the menu were not aboard this flight anyway. Even Club 18-30 offers higher quality wines, you know… i’ve heard.

British Airways Rioja

Well how about the welcome glass of champagne? There was no champagne on the flight, the welcome drink was water or orange juice, the wines the menu offered were not available, only the Rioja was available from the wine list, and the cheese platter with grapes had only a tasteless brie and a “cheddar” which I can assure you was matured at DairyLea HQ, Uxbridge. This ticket is not a value play and had I paid for it, I’d be vexed, as I didn’t, I was just marginally irritated that the wines were not available to review! However, I will still whinge publicly on this blog, not for my own self you understand, but because I care so much for the heritage of the once great British Airways.

Fortunately, I’ve already tasted the Burgundy, Pinot and got to try the Rioja on the flight, and can vouch that, while these wines are good value on the ground for their $15 retail price, they’re not what you’d hope for in Club World.

British Airways Club World Wine – Review

Ermita de San Felices – Crianza Rioja – 2014
Closed wine with notes of blackcurrant, touch of vanilla, but good acidity yet rough tannins. 84 Points/FREE or £3000/14% abv – Take it, it’s free!

Bourgogne Chardonnay – Patriarche– 2016
Notes of apple and lemon, a simple but refreshing Chardonnay, no need for the Instagram photo. 85 Points/£FREE or £3000/12.5% abv – Take it, it’s free!

Hahn Winery – Pinot Noir – 2016
Simple red cherry and raspberry nose, easy drinking and fruit forward, smooth, soft, simple. In the USA you can find this wine under $15 everywhere. 87 Points/£FREE or £3000/14.5% abv – Take it, it’s free!

British Airways – To Fly. To Serve. Poor Wine. If Any.

Note: There was a recent article in the Wall St Journal about BA and their wine quality and it seems the business world is paying attention. It may be wiser to choose Emirates next time around – regardless of what class you fly.

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