Italian Wine News – Week 12/07/07

Italian Wine has news? Of course it does and I’m going to keep you updated on all the interesting little stories about Italian wine that crop up each week. So, without further ado, what is in the Italian Wine News this week?

Italian Wine is reaping the rewards of the current fashion in the USA to embrace all things Italian and scooped two prestigious awards last night from the American US magazine, Wine Enthusiast. Carlo Ferrini won “Enologist of the Year” and Josh Mariani, founder of Banfi, won the lifestyle achievement award.

Other award winners were

  • Persons of the Year: Ray Chadwick, Diageo Chateau & Estate Wine
  • American Winery of the Year: DFV Wines
  • European Winery of the Year: Symington Family Estates, Portugal
  • New World Winery of the Year: Villa Maria, New Zealand
  • Importer of the Year: E & J Gallo
  • Distiller of the Year: Casa Herradura, Brown-Forman
  • Retailer of the Year: Whole Foods Market
  • Winemaking Region of the Year: Rioja, Spain

The award ceremony will take place on January 28, 2008 during the Gala Dinner at the New York Public Library.

$34,000 for a 9 litre bottle of Ornellaia
Record-breaking auction to restore Florence baptistery doors – Bolgheri’s Tenuta dell Ornellaia celebrated their twentieth year with a bang in New York City following the sale of a bottle of Salmanazar for $33,600 (400 times its market value) at a Christie’s auction. The one-of-a-kind nine-litre bottle featured a pure gold silkscreen in place of a label.

The winners were a Seattle couple that had gone to the auction with the intention of bidding on Lot Number 8 – the only bottle of Italian wine on the docket. The 2005 Ornellaia won’t hit shelves until May 2008, thereby giving the buyers a unique preview of this prestigious wine.

“We were the only Italian product in an auction containing more than 200 wines and champagnes,” said estate general manager, Giovanni Geddes da Filicaja. The newest feature was the bottle’s never-before-seen shape and size, which was made expressly for this occasion”.

Proceeds from the sale were donated to American non-profit association, Friends of Florence, and will be used to restore Giovanni Francesco Rustici’s statues on the doors of the Baptistery of Florence.

Tuscan reds to be produced in the Big Apple

Crespina and Staten Island team up – The first Tuscan red ‘Made in New York’ are set to be produced within the next three years.

A full harvest is expected by the fourth year thanks to the Tuscan Garden Vineyard – a project brought about thanks to the sister cities agreement between Crespina (near Pisa) and Staten Island, New York.

The city’s botanical gardens will be home to two acres of Tuscan vineyards with 2,100 vines divided into 58 traditional Tuscan rows.

The vines – which are native Tuscans but cannot be exported directly from Italy due to American sanitation laws – will be purchased from the largest Italian grower in the United States (based in California).

The Tuscan Garden Vineyard will host a Tuscan wine shop and will be an information centre for Tuscan wines in general, including publications on the subject as well as hosting oenology and wine tasting courses.

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