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The British abuse alcohol. We abuse alcohol so much that we can not buy wines on Ebay like the rest of the world, France, Germany, Italy and even the USA Ebays all sell wine. They all sell Italian wine. They all sell really good discounted Italian wine and us Brits are missing out. OK so the few that abuse alcohol have ruined it for the great many but what’s new there? Or maybe this isn’t the reason and it’s simply our nanny state that has put this ban on Ebay. In a country where you can’t smoke a cigarette in your own car, you would have to wonder.

Well, whilst I feel sorry for my fellow countrymen, I live in Italy so can take advantage of the wonders of Italian Ebay. Just to rub it in a little further I’m going to show you exactly what you’re missing.

I’ve been buying wine from Ebay for a few months now and I have two super trooper Italian Wine prize purchases that I have to share with you.

Firstly, 2 MAGNUMS of Bruno Giacosa 1998 Barolo Falletto for €80 each.
Secondly 1 MAGNUM of Roberto Voerzio 1998 Barolo Sarmassa for €90.

To buy both these bottles in the UK you’re looking at £373.00 for the Giacosa (Fine and Rare) and £234 for the Voerzio also from Fine and Rare.

Today, as of 10am 15/11/07, Ebay has 2000 different auctions online selling wines from all over Italy. Right now, we have Wine Spectators 7th wine of 2007 the Bolgheri Superiore Ornellaia at €60! This is a crazy price and I’m sure, with just a few hours left to run, the price wont reach €80.

Apart from the brilliant wine you can find on the Ebay, it’s just real fun. I love drinking wine but almost as much I love buying wine and I adore getting wine on a steal. It’s something of a high to spot a really great value wine with the auction end in sight and put in that last 30 second bid and gazzump poor Joe Schmoe. It’s addictive.

I can highly recommend checking out the Italian Ebay, some members will post to the UK, you just have to ask them in advance. All the bottles I’ve bought have been fine but it’s best to buy from a trusted seller, one with many positive reviews. Just don’t outbid me, alright?

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  1. David Ricahrds says:

    You cheeky little bragger! Added to my site thanks for the mail.

  2. Josh Banks says:

    What’s your account name? I’m going to Ebay stalk you.

  3. Lucca says:

    I do buy my wine this way for several years and sometimg it is a low price and sometimes the quality from storage is poor. It is risky business

  4. Ivan Schneider says:

    That is some good value. Think I’ll create a username too.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Wow, I’m getting spammed!The first true sign of success.

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