France Vs Italy – The Countdown

If you thought the world cup football finals were brutal they will pail in comparison to this most epic of battles.

The date: 17/11/07
The time: 6pm CET
The location: My living room
The event: Italy Vs France: Thanksgiving Drink Off.

I hope noone will be sent off, I really pray noone will be headbutted but when feelings are running as high as this, you can’t rule it out. I can promise there will be pride, patriotism and tears shed and by the end of the night the champion will be crowned but will they hail from the mighty plains of the Piedmont or the “baron” wastelands of Bordeaux – a panel of 12 will decide who is the Ultimate Wine Country with myself, as the unbiased referee.

What the heck am I on about?

I’ve received many emails in the past few weeks with requests to review certain Italian wines and it’s something I’d like to add to the blog once every week, so keep them coming!

Last night I zipped to the local supermarket and purchased some wines that have been requested these included Angelini’s Brunello di Montalcino 2001, Fontanafredda Barbaresco 2000, Casale del Giglio Petit Verdot 2004 and from someone who emailed anonymously, the Baron Philippe de Rothschild Pauillac.

The last wine was something of a chicken dare because a) It’s not Italian b) It’s Bordeaux and c) It’s the “worst” Bordeaux the nameless emailer could think of. He thinks that this wine is better than any Italian wines so I’m going to put it to the ultimate test. FIght Fight Fight!

Tonight I have 12 house guests for a “Thanksgiving Meal” and thought “what a perfect time to turn the event into a spectacle for myself! Of course I’m really excited about my first Thanksgiving meal but wine/food pairing experts will be tutting loudly at the wines on the list BUT what ya gonna do. It’s all good fun and that’s what counts.

French Bordeaux or a cup of tea? —–>
Tonight we have guests from England, Ireland, Italy and the States so we’ve eliminated our “Italian’s do it best” bias (just overlook the fact we all live in Rome!) and will give the Pauillac a fair swill around our palates.

Boy o Boy am I going to feel rough tomorrow, but I won’t let you down, noooooo siree! Tomorrow I’ll publish the tasting notes and tell you which wines were down with the hood and which wines were down with the sink.

How you can help me?

a) If you enjoy reading the blog and would like to get involved send me your wine suggestions. If you hate the blog and just want to see me struggle like my mystery man with the Pauillac then that’s fine too.

b) Send me your tasting notes, if you’ve tried a bottle that really impressed you or made you feel nauseous then send it in and I’ll add it to the blog. No average wines though, has to be something interesting about the experience you had.

Who requested what:

Angelini Brunello di Montalcino Val di Suga 2001 – Helena Bingham – Thanks I love you!
Fontanafredda Barbaresco 2000 – Julius Fielder – I’m very happy with you.
Casale del Giglio Petit Verdot 2004 – Simon L – Interested to taste some PV tonight (:ox)
Baron Philippe de Rothschild Pauillac – Anon E Mouse – The truth will out!

Wish me luck! xxxx

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who would recommend a french wine, that is very cruel. Good Luck

  2. Luk Bernstein says:

    The french wine doesn’t stand a chnace does it

  3. Elle says:

    You’re mad!

  4. Matthew Hunter says:

    Hi SarahLet us know how these wines went with the meal, maybe you can provide some zany inspiration for my rel thanksgiving on ThursdayMatt

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