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Domenico Clerico is one of the all time greatest producers of Barolo ever, period, full stop, kaput! The wines of Domenico Clerico have been growing in stature for a number of years now reaching fever pitch with his 100 point WS Barolo Percristina 2000. Trying to find a Percristina these days is something of a challenge with everywhere sold out or whacking a stinky €300 price tag on the bottle. It was good, no, it was great, but €300 gets me a case of Tignanello (I’m still psyched about that… NUMBER 4 baby).

Barolo was once ruled by the G-Men, being Angelo Gaja and Bruno Giacosa. These days there is a whole top flight of Barolo producers including Domenico Clerico that have revolutionised the production of Barolo. Clerico, Scavino, Roberto Voerzio (him again!) and Marco Parusso are a generation of Barolo producers with a friendly rivalry. Their competition has been our gain as they push each other to producer better and better wines.

For those who don’t know there are two schools of Barolo production, the Modern school Vs the Traditional school. Both are capable of producing great wines with a number of other top flight producers taking the best of both schools. Clerico is a pace setter in the Modern camp.

Clerico’s wines are experimental improvements year on year and he doesn’t rest on his laurels even when striking gold (a 100 point Wine Spectator review). In his most recent Barolos, Clerico has extended the maceration time of the grapes to 23 days. It will be very interesting to see how this effects the wine, though we will have to wait until 2010 before the Barolos are released to see.

Domenico Clerico’s vineyards are scattered throughout the Piedmont and he produces many different wines. The Barolo of the Ginestra vineyards is the most consistently excellent (Barolo Ciabot Mentin Ginestra) but you can’t go wrong with a Percristina or Pajana Barolo.

If the €100+ price tags on these wines are a little daunting, then you can sample the excellence of Domenico Clericos production by trying his Barbera, Dolcetto and the famous Langhe Art, a barrique blended but most Nebbiolo wine. The Langhe Art retails at about €20 and I recommend this to all of you! Unless you are allergic to wine, then just stay away. My guilty passion is Dolcetto though, and these go for around €10, very tasty, try it.

Domenico Clerico is my 2nd favourite producer and I don’t have as much experience of his wines as I would like with only a couple of tasting notes available SO, I will get some Clerico’s in the house and get a full set review for Christmas.

I am away on my holidays (or vacation for the americans among you) from next Friday so the entries will be less frequent BUT I will make up for this with my VIDEO WINE DIARY!

Domenico Clerico Percristina 2000 BUY €190
Lovely deep ruby colour in the glass with splendid aromas of over-ripe fruit, earth and cedar. Almost royally full bodied and opulent on the palate, huge but smooth tannic quality, super long finish with oak and cherries on the mid palate. Leave it alone for 10 years. 96 Points+

Domenico Clerico Langhe Arte 2005 – BUY
Thick, jammy and purple in the glass the nose is a sweet mixture of flowers, cherries, tobacco and a little spice box. Lavishly full bodied and mouth coating the palate is a pleasurable blackcurrent jam attack. Nice length on the finish, alcohol hidden well. Easy drinking and pleasurable today. 91 Points

Although I’m recommending you to BUY the Percristina it is a very expensive wine so I will steer you towards the Arte in the commercial section of this blog!

Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans – Enoteca Grani Vini – €22
Americans – Vinfolio – €44
Brits – Justerini – £20

Question of the Day?
Have you ever tried Barolo, and if so, which is the best Barolo that you’ve tried?

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  1. Michael Scattler says:

    Domenico Clerico is my favourite, I don’t know why you waste your time on Roberto Voerzio its so overpriced.I love his Ginestra 2001.

  2. Josh Banks says:

    I’m old school Giacosa or Giacomo Conterno. You should come over and try a great Barolo one day :oP

  3. Marco Bastoni says:

    My best Barolo is of Scavino very beautiful and rich.

  4. Jenny says:

    Hi SarahI’ve never tried Barolo but looking forward to trying some in the near future! I’m getting married on the 24th of December and will wed to my chico latino and celebrating with his favourite Barolo. Not sure what the name is, something peculiar. – Jenny

  5. Well good luck on the wedding, hope its not too chilly for you. Remember the temperatures effect the wine! Josh! My hand, your face, v.soon.

  6. Miriam F says:

    from blog directory, I like this site very much and hope you like too my review of this site.

  7. Jasmine Bender says:

    Yes Barolo is my favorite Italian wine. My favourite currently is Parusso and Fontanafredda!Have you tried these wines?Jasmine

  8. stefanaccio says:

    Curious if this wine is available in the Washington DC geographical area?Casale in Abruzzo

  9. Hi ThereZachys deliver to DC, they have the 2000 Clerico Pajana.If you buy any Clerico and feel the urge to review it I’d be happy to add it to the blog, credited to your good self!$69 for this 2000 Barolo is a great price. Take advantage.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is there a reliable website that sells Clerico Michael

  11. grignolino says:

    Wish you best compliments on wedding. . wine party rocks

  12. josie says:

    can someone recommend the best time for me to share my Domenico Clerico 2005 pajana/barolo? what is my window? thanks!
    food recommendations with it? thanks again…josie

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