Allegrini Amarone

Allegrini Amarone

Allegrini Amarone is produced around ten miles east of beautiful Lake Garda in the Valpolicella classico region. The most distinctive character of Valpolicella wines are their very high alcoholic content (up to 16%) with the very best producers, Allegrini, Quintarelli, Tedeschi and Dal Forno successfully managing to create structurally excellent wines where the alcohol level does not stymie quality and overtake flavour.

Allegrini Amarone, like all Amarone subjects the grapes to a loft drying process producing highly concentrated and potent wines that many Italians, especially those of the Veneto region displaying typical campanilismo, claim the best in Italy. The Allegrini vineyards have been on something of a decade long winning run, producing some of the finest Amarones and Valpolicella classicos to enter the market. Thanks in part to some blistering vintages but also due to the keen efforts of the Allegrini family to improve their product. The family are revolutionaries in the area seeking to move outside the D.O.C.G zones to produce other fabulous wines including the award winning La Poja Vino da Tavola.

Allegrini Amarone della Valpolicella 2001 received the prestigious Tre Bicchere award and a 93 from WineSpectator. The 2006 releases from Allegrini represent the very best of top end affordability with the signature wine. Allegrini produce over half a million bottles annually and quality runs through the entire production with the cheapest wine, the La Grola ’03, selling for under €10 and winning a Due Bicchere award.

Such quality along the entire huge production, with vision and attention to detail through the vinification process makes Allegrini a strong contender for the best producer in the region.

The international wine buying market, particularly the American market doesn’t seem to be terribly up to speed on Amarone. Take a look at any wine discussion board or along the shelves of a US supermarket or wine merchant and Amarone is glaring in its omission. Perhaps it’s the raisin like potent style or maybe the market can simply not cope with a third Italian wine, Brunello and Barolo are foreign words enough, can we really expect a third to be remembered? And, Amarones inclusion would break the rule of B, don’t underestimate this (Bordeaux, Burgundy).

Moving to Venice on Tuesday, this particular wino had better get down with Amarone and in this spirit tonight I will be enjoying (let us hope) the latest Allegrini Amarone, the 2004, with my lovingly prepared Sunday Lunch. My past experience of Allegrini has always been fantastic, the QPR with Allegrini is always first rate and I’ve had the pleasure of several of their past bottlings with reviews below. I really recommend you try this producer they are one of the few names where you can pick any bottle off the shelf and never be disappointed.
Allegrini Amarone Classico 2001BUY – €40
Very dark ruby red in the glass quickly giving up rich aromas of chocolate cherries with some dried fruit and plum action. The palate was mouth pucker tannic, full bodied and fat but with plenty of fruity cherries on the mid palate. Lingering finish holding its alcohol well – 94 Points
Allegrini Amarone Classico 1999 BUY – €53
Dark red verging on purple in the glass with a show stopping nose, rich in plums, cherries, chocolate and cinnamon. The palate is hot, lots of dark fruits and a little coffee action in the mix. The finish is extremely long and satisfying. Outstanding – 96 Points

Allegrini La Poja 2001PASS – €40
Lovely deep red in the glass, nice intensity. An oaky, spicy nose with the typical cherry aromas the palate is full bodied and tannic with some nice pepper and cherry notes on the palate. A little simpler and one dimensional than expected but with a good finish – 90 Points

Allegrini Valpolicella Classico 2006 BUY – €10
Dark red in the glass the 2006 has a simple cherry chocolate nose, some surprising mineral notes too. A very enjoyable, silky wine if a little simple and hot on the finish. Good value – 88 Points

Where can I buy this wine? (Amarone ’99)

EuropeansParenti – €53
AmericanEuropean Wine Resource – $72
BritsEverywine – £43

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  1. David Thompson says:

    The last wine I drank was with last nights supper a Verget Chablis Bougros 2004 and I can not recommend it highly enough. Mid bodied, powerful, oaky, beautiful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Was actually a Spanish wine recommended to me by Eric calledVega Sicilia Unico Reserva.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hiiii sarahmikey here I love this blog, write more about venezia!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    There plenty of Amarone’s producers that offer better value for money than Alegrini which has become a factory of wine…Andrea

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