Montefalco Umbria

Montefalco Umbria

After my visit to the Arnaldo Caprai vineyards I took a quick ride into Montefalco itself, a medieval Umbrian hilltop town that gave the D.O.C.G wine its name (Sagrantino di Montefalco).

Montefalco itself is located between Foligno and Trevi in the central Umbria area. Montefalco is all about wine, the town itself is full of enotecas and wine specialising restaurants. Walking through the main streets and the central square you really get a feeling for what wine means to this area. Producing wine since pre roman times, this little visited Umbrian hilltop town is a real treasure find. The entire area around Montefalco is part of the Sagrantino wine trail called Strada del Sagrantino. A pleasure for all the senses I can think of no better holiday for an Italian wine geek, check out the link to see all the area has to offer. 29 Vineyards available to tour.

What I was not expecting in Montefalco was the best wine bar I’ve come across in UmbriaEnoteca Federico II” named after the guy who sacked the city in the 13th century. This enoteca/restaurant sits in Montefalcos central square and offers Italy’s most famous wines, as well as a good selection of local wines by the glass from a self service machine! I could not believe my eyes, you could simply take your glass, stick in your card and purchase a glass of Sassicaia 2001 for €7,00 or a Tignanello, a Pian della Vigne, Guado al Tasso, they were all there. This is a great place for someone who wants to try all the very best Italian wine has to offer without breaking the piggy bank. If you bought a bottle of the 8 on display in the photo you are looking at a €1000 outlay, to try a sample of magic machine works out around €55. Of course, you are not getting a full glass, but enough to experience the wines taste, colour and aroma.

Montefalco Umbria is all about the wine but also has some awe inspiring churches and architecture. If you are the type to take a wine holiday and want culture and scenery thrown into the mix then this area has to be a serious contender and, always a plus point, no one knows about it.

The area is also superb for cyclists and foodies with 10 Gambero Rosso award winning restaurants in the local area. Check out especially Villa Zuccari, Redibis and Centro Acquarossa.

Montefalco is far less crowded and easily more pleasant that your other wine hilltop towns, Montepulciano etc etc, in the area, go check it out.

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  1. Tracie B. says:

    i went there last november, just before i came back to texas. it was one of the last wine trips to be scratched off my list, and well worth it! the sagrantino vineyards were all firey red–never posted about it, but i’d like to. and can you belive that i (unfortunately) ate at that very place that you have a picture of? the touristy place? it was full of, well, tourists.anyway, the caprai winery was a nice visit, 25 anni will be fabulous after it mellows out in the bottle for about 10 years. well worth the wait, credo 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sarah!You reviewed my favourite vineyard complete with photo of the “wine chick”. Really enjoyed the posts today. Rick K

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you’re into Sagrantino what about Paolo Bea, if you are down in country a lot, get yourself over there too.

  4. Love Umbria says:

    A great place to visit alright (although I am biased…). Montefalco isn’t just about Caprai though (excellent as it is) -there are a bunch of smaller producers doing good things too.

  5. sagrantino says:

    Why not come with us on a Sagrantino Excursion! Check out our websitehttp://www.sagrantinoexcursions.comSalute,

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