Antinori Achelo

Antinori Achelo

Antinori Achelo is the name of the blog post but Antinori Achelo is not act-chew-ally the name of the wine, for it’s produced on the La Braccesca estate and doesn’t even mention Antinori on the bottle. Originally I found this strange, Antinori has a stella name in the Italian wine biz so why are they playing coy? Cos it’s muck, that’s why! The wine comes from around Cortona, another station I whizzed past today on my way back to Venezia and I thought to myself, “you have that Achelo at home Newton, lets get it drunk”. Another case of high hopes dashed. It says Syrah on the bottle, looks like Syrah in the glass but tastes and smells like garbage. I’m a fan of stinky wines, different wines, this is 1 dimensional and dull.

This wine smelt so bad, I even began to doubt the cleanliness of my glassware and poured a second glass. Could be the vintage, 2006, maybe wasn’t working out for Syrah grapes in central Italy. If you fancy an Italian Syrah from Tuscany then go for Isole e Olena Syrah at €35, these are consistantly good thru the vintages and is the best Tuscan Syrah, in Sicily the Planeta Syrah is wonderful at around €20. Best budget price Syrah I would give to Falesco at around €7 (or the Merlot/Syrah Tellus). All these wines are QPR wines, you wont be disappointed. Italy, apart from a handful of examples hasn’t really brought the news with Syrah, and until it does, you cant beat an Aussie Shiraz or CDP/Cote du Rhone.

Sorry it’s a short one today folks, below is the review for the Achelo, I can’t recommend it (though I do sell it!) but I do recommend the Planeta, which we also sell, linked up here.

Antinori Achelo Syrah 2006PASS – €10
Dark purple in the glass, nice intensity, nose is a little tight, vegetal, no fruit, viney, leathery but funky, off almost, 3 day old socks on the nose. Mid bodied, more acidic than expected, non interesting tannins, fairly smooth, drinks easily with a nice 20 second finish but one dimensional and bland not a good effort at all and not what I expect fom a Syrah or an Antinori wine. Maybe the 2006 vintage is bad example. 82 Points

Question of the Day
Your favourite Syrah please?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Penfolds Shiraz is the best anywhere, anytime.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I personally didn’t find the Achelo that bad Sarah, but mine was an 04, maybe its just to young?Rick K

  3. Its possible I suppose, I dont think this is particularly a wine for ageing, and I was kinda shocked at it too. All our palates are different, for me this was a nowhere wine. Not worth €10

  4. Judy Gosford says:

    Hot Topic od debate, but I love Mollydooker The Boxer. Have you tried it? Very different to Italian Syrah.

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