Italian Rosé Wine

Italian Rosé Wine

Italian Rosé wine report summer 2008! Italian Rosé is the best Rosé in the whole world. Really? No, not really, but what Italian Rosé is, is Super Mario value for money with many of the top producers pitching in to bring up the quality level of Summer’s official vino. Now, many people regard Rosé with some disdain, like a half way house made for the proles. Tut Tut and for shame! Just because something is pink doesn’t make it girly or any less serious. Embrace the pink, embrace Rosé. Be the geek in the pink, geek is the colour for Summer (not fall).

We sell a fair bit of Rosé at TCD so I have a soft spot for the pink stuff. However, I tried the Ibisco Rosa earlier in the year and was overwhelmed by aromas of feet and cow. Personally, I’m not that into bovine hoof so I wont be recommending it but if you dig that flavour profile then all power to you.

So, which areas of Italia are knocking out the quality pink? Your usual suspects are there producing the corkers, Tuscany and the Piedmont, but in the value range take a look to my area (Friuli/Veneto) and one of my favourite overlooked areas, Abruzzo.

Now, in my locale, we love our funky coloured drinks, so it’s no surprise Rosé is a hit. Tonight I am partying Venezia stylee with the expat USA ladies of Venice and I’m sure they’ll be ordering up striking orange and green “spritz” beverages. We’re off to the best enoteca in all of Venice so I’m going to see what Rosé’s are on offer.

If you’ve never seen a “spritz”, I’ve attached a foto for y’all.

Who wouldn’t be tempted by this? It isn’t made in Scotland from girders but, well, I wiki’ed it. “Spritz, an alcoholic beverage has its origins in the Veneto Region, Italy. Spritz is a bitter, summery pre-dinner aperitif made of either Aperol, Campari, Select or Cynar and mixed with White Wine or Prosecco“.

I digress. Back to centre field and on topic, Italian Rosé.

Last night I gave the olRiedel a rinse and began popping corks on 6 choice Italian Rosé wines, sat on my terrace overlooking the beautiful industrial estates of Mestre, I began sipping and scribbling. Now, so not to spoil you, I’m going to put 3 up today concentrating on Friuli and Abruzzo and 3 up tomorrow from the Piedmont and Tuscany.

I have 3 really interesting wines. Bortolotti Spumante Lagrein Rosé from the Veneto (cos its fizzy Lagrein!), Vie di Romans Ciantons Rosé from Friuli (because I bashed their Merlot last week and this uses the same grapes, ut ho) and Bruno Nicodemi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Rosato Cerasuolo from Abruzzo (just cos).

Bortolotti Spumante Lagrein Rosé 2006 PASS – €7.50
It’s pink and fizzy by jove, an average shade of pink with some nice almond and violet notes on the nose. The wine is balanced and enjoyable but I can’t escape that 1996, round your mates house dancing to the Macarena cheapo fizz vibe. Not a wine for wine lovers, a wine for a party. 79 Points

Vie di Romans Ciantons Rosé 2006 BUY – €21
A light Rosé, very pretty in the glass with some great notes on the nose of flowers and strawberries. A very refreshing wine but serious and well structured, really great flavour profile, floral and fruity. How the Rosé is better than the Merlot is incredible, but it is and it’s the best Rosé of the 6. 90 Points

Bruno Nicodemi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Rosato Cerasuolo 2006PASS – €10
It’s pink again, bright and vibrant with another strawberry and apple nose. Fresh and fruity, simple and enjoyable. Nothing special to say here, pleasant and fairly priced. 82 Points

Ugh! I want so badly to love Lagrein, everyone tells me how they’ve had that one special Lagrein and it changed their wine lives. Can someone PLEASE tell me what the magic bottle is? I want to be part of your club. So only the Vie di Romans to recommend here.

Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans – Trimani – €22
Americans – Not sure! If you know, leave it in the comments?
Brits – Peck – £19.50

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So 50 comments and counting from yesterday, if you want to enter the competition leave your answer on yesterdays blog entry. It doesn’t mean I don’t want any comments on Italian Rosé though. Anything to say at all, about this, the blog, things that taste a bit funny cos they are pink, other things that taste like cow toes. Leave it here. Fanks!

Taurasi Feudi di San Gregorio

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  1. Hannah says:

    So which country does produce the best Rose wines?

  2. babsinumbria says:

    I want to know how you know what cow toes taste like, the mind boggles.

  3. I did agriculture at school. Cow toe sniffing was part of the syllabus.

  4. David says:

    cow toes and pink juice aside, I can not abide Rose wines. Good try though, but I won’t be buying. I’d prefer a chilled white over a rose every day of the week.

  5. futronic says:

    Sarah,Have you tried the Ceresuolo from Valentini or Masciarelli? I’ve heard good things but they’re difficult to get.Can’t say I’m overly fond of rose – unless it has bubbles and comes from Champagne, of course!

  6. futronic – only had access to the 02 which was stunning.Which vintages have you tried^D&F – Yes, Rose isn’t embraced, media set seem to love it. Must be en vogue.

  7. Domenico says:

    @ hannah –italy of course, you silly creature!i do like a good aglianico rose.

  8. futronic says:

    Sarah:I haven’t tried either Cerasuolo. Again, difficult (if not impossible) to find in my market (Ontario). That’s why I was asking! 🙂

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