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Welcome to the same look, same style, old and unimproved version of the wine90 blog, London edition. I’m back, I’m home and I’m absolutely cream crackered (dats Cockney for Knackered innit). That being said it’s good to be in Blighty. The sun is shining, the chicken shops are a plenty and the range of wine and wine shops in my little corner of SW London is plain OFF THE HOOK. I’m talking big major wine shop FACING specialist vintage wine shop just past the station and if walking in that direction bores me, I can about turn and hot foot it down to Sainsburys. What a world we live in eh?

For those in the know, (well actually a recap for those not in the know) I have spent the last few days travelling from Venice, via Milan, Mont Blanc, Geneva, Gex, Reims to make my way back home to London after 3 years in Italy. During that time this blog was 98.4% dedicated to Italian wines. From today it’ll be more like 33.3%, as I continue to bring wines from all over the world into my tasting history.

The original idea was to get a few shots while on the road. Sadly, all I managed to get were shots of the road.
While in Gex I found myself amongst the pressing throng of the Gex Bleu cheese festival. All roads into Gex, bar one, were shut down for the benefit of the 2 table exhibition of one of, as it turned out, my least favourite blue cheeses EVA. If you do ever find yourself in Gex, you’re probably lost.
So through the twisty terrain of the alpine foothills in Jura I began thinking about the next wines to appear on the blog, and after careful consideration opted for wines I already owned that were pretty similarly priced. Photo above… Not Gex neither.
So here they are. The truly honoured first wines of the same old Wine90 London Edition. Chateau Gloria 1995, Pio Cesare Barbaresco 2003, Chateau DoisyVedrines 2003 and from the new world (fan fare, toot toot toooooooot) Ridge California Lytton Springs 2005 a mostly Zinfandel wine with some Petit Sirah and Carignane playing wing men.

For those with concerns for my personal health, this was something of a party and not just a regular Sunday’s drinking sesh.

Chateau Gloria 1995PASS – £25
Still very dark purple. On the nose notes of cherry, but heavy on the earth. Smooth texture with both lower tannins and acidity levels than expected, not giving off a lot of fruit, it felt closed down. Finish was average. Clear quality but the lack of fruit on the nose and the palate is telling. 86 Points

Pio Cesare Barbaresco 2003BUY – £30
Light ruby and transparent in the glass, the nose was an all Piedmont affair with a real Barolo nose plus a smattering of floral notes. On the palate the wine is still quite tannic but balances ok with the acidity. Superb mid palate of violets and sweet spices. Long pleasing finish that was a tad too hot but didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the wine. 91 Points

Chateau DoisyVedrines Sauternes 2003BUY – £20
Golden yellow in the glass with a sweet (and I mean SWEET) nose of honey, creme brulee and custard. A mid bodied wine with good acidity and extreme sweetness, nice length to the finish. Good bargain Sauternes. Turned to sickly quickly but that is a 75cl you see above. 90 Points

Ridge California Lytton Springs 2005BUY – £20
Sitting deep purple and hue-less the Ridge California Lytton Spring would fool no one in a blind contest, maybe we have some Petite Sirah and Carignane here but this is true blue Zinfandel USA. Blackcurrant, Ribena Berry nose for weeks with a touch of spice too. Mouth filling and big on the palate, heavy blackcurrant on the mid palate the wine is super well structured, 14% alcohol not a problem. 92 Points

Passing the Chateau Gloria only for drinking today, I’m sure this wine needs another 10 years in bottle and if you can wait that long, then £25 investment for a 1995 Bordeaux from such a respected producer is actually a BUY situation. For drinking today? The worst wine of the 4.

Lastly, for anyone else who drinks their wines with Jelly Babies, I can say, with no shadow of a doubt, that by mixing the black and red Jelly Babies together you get a perfectly complimentary food match for Pio Cesare Barbaresco. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy Jaffa Cakes and Sauternes. That’s it Gals and Pals and by jove, it’s good to be home.

Where can I buy this wine? (Ridge California Lytton Springs)
Europeans – Weingarten Eden – €26
Americans – Vingo Wine – $26.99
Brits – AG WINES – £20
Australians – Stephen McHendry – AUS$64

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What’s the best thing about your town? Tried any of these wines? Blue cheese – nectar of the gods or food of the devil?

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    welcome back sarah. =) you must have a mountain of messages to get through… i don’t envy you!jellybabies, eh? bizarre. i’ll be sure to give it a try.

  2. The Prosecco Lady says:

    Welcome back Sarah! I am very keen to try various food-wine combinations and I can recommend the Chateau Doisy with chocolate cake. Delicious. But then I’m going through such a dessert wine phase at the moment I recently had Mavrodaphne with shellfish salad! Go figure. Not a fan of jellybabies but I’ll take a chance with gummi bears.

  3. Domenico says:

    Sarah, daahhhling, phone me when you’re settled. XXX Strappo

  4. Sally says:

    Blue Cheese is glorious. Roquefort is the best blue cheese, keep your stilton.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gorgonzola hands down. Mixed with other cheeses in pasta quattro formaggi. Yum.

  6. GJ says:

    My favourite is Gex Bleu and they should not “just stop producing it” :p

  7. Tom says:

    Hey Sarah…glad the trip was great…can’t find that petite verdot in venice yet…Ridge has always been one of my favs….Jil

  8. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes here, on twitter, erob and the wine pages. Good to be back! Keep in touch x

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