Terza Volta Malbec

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Terza Volta Malbec

Terza Volta Malbec Everyone who’s anyone is drinking Malbec these days. Taking over the groovy grape mantle from Aussie Syrah I was interested to see what the hullabaloo was about. You can never judge a grape from one bottle and that’s a jolly good job because this wine is dullsville.

In yet another case of my head being turned by a funky name and a pretty bottle I reached out for this Malbec (along with a Tokaji and Gevrey Chambertin) on Wednesday night at a very interesting local shop Wines of the World. In this wine store there are no Penfolds or Gallo wines, nor even the top producers I would recognise from Italy but an interesting selection of lesser known producers yet still covering all the main regions and grape varieties. If you make it over to Earlsfield, hook a left out of the station, walk 100 meters and there you have it.

So where does Malbec come from? Well Malbec is actually a Bordeaux grape that has a lot of business in Cahors, it’s a grape that has been embraced by the Argentinian growers and does especially well in the most famous region of Argentinian wine, Mendoza. The Mendoza Malbec wines are apparently less tannic than the Malbecs of Cahors which, given this wine, must be like swilling your mouth with mud (or Greek coffee).

So, if it’s not this Malbec that’s setting the wine set on fire which Malbec is it? Achaval Ferrer? Vina Cobos? Impossible to find in the UK thus far and incredibly pricey. Who is producing quality Malbec in the £20 region? Comments purlease below! 😀

So onto the review

Terza Volta Malbec 2006 PASS – £9
Intense deep purple in the glass to the rim. A very interesting sour and spicey nose with detectable sour cherry. On the palate the initial attack is strong and under ripe, detectable tannins with some fruit on the mid palate turning watery and uninteresting on the finish. 86 Points

£9 and 86 points. Yep that’s a pass. We’re in pounds now, did you notice?

Where can I buy this wine?
Why would you?

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Malbec recommendations? Was 2006 a good Argentinian vintage? Are you part of the Malbec Mob?

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  1. Spencer says:

    Inexpensive Mendoza Malbecs available worldwide– Susana Balbo– Pulenta La Flor– Altos las Hormigas– Terrazas

  2. I’d recommend a couple of old world Malbecs, i.e. those from Cahors.Chateau du Cèdre “Le Prestige” 2004 is a really nice one.Lar

  3. P Bob says:

    strong vintage ’06, one of many of the last few.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never been impressed with Malbec and don’t know anyone who is we must frequent different circles Sarah. Take a Dolcetto ;opMoonkin

  5. futronic says:

    See what happens when you stray from Italian wine? :pThe Susana Balbo and Altos La Hormigas that Spencer are good. I think you’ll like the latter more than the former, since it has more acidity and freshness to it.Now if you excuse me, I have some Barbaresco to drink.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ben Marco is a fab find. 2007 -2008 not ready as of Jan 2010.
    Also I like the conquista and the gascon.

  7. douglaspolo says:

    I'm from Brazil and due to the proximity with Argentina we have access to a lot of good Malbecs. I really don't know what are the prices there in UK but here is a list of Malbecs I like:

    – Tapiz Reserve Malbec
    – Bodegas Winert Reserva Malbec (this one is aged in an old fashioned way, in giant oak Barrels, very distinctive)
    – Rutini Malbec (my #1)

    These are found here in Brazil with a price between 20 to 50 dolars (Rutini is the most expensive)

    I believe these will change you perception about Malbec…


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