Braida Barbera d’Asti Bricco dell’Uccellone

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Braida Barbera d’Asti Bricco dell’Uccellone 2003

Braida Barbera d’Asti Bricco dell’Uccellone was another of those Italian wines that I’m really meant to be holding onto but had to break out in order to wash down the muck I’ve been tasting this week. I’m beginning to think there can only be two possible factors at work,

a) Italian wines are just the best value in the world FACT or
b) My taste buds are so attuned to Italian wines that no others are getting a fair crack of the whip

Over the past 4 days I’ve had a terrible run. A 2005 Morgon Beaujolais, an 2004 Pouilly Fumé, a 2006 New Zealand Pinot Noir and the Salisbury’s SO Organic (Cecchi) Chianti all, in varying quantities, made it down my kitchen sink. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not that hard to please but all these wines didn’t just pale in comparison to the Braida, they out and out stunk.

And then there was Braida. I’d forgotten how much I love Braida, the producer, the bottles, the taste of top quality Barbera. Along with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Barbera is providing the best quality QPR in all of Italy and the advantage of Braida’s top end Barbera (this one), is the ageing potential. Sadly, every bottle of Bricco dell’Uccellone I’ve ever had (there’s a 2001 note on here too somewhere) never reaches it’s Christmas destiny. It’s just too damned GOWJUS.

I’ll tell you what’s not GOWJUS, Wither Hills Pinot Noir 2006. £15 and smells like cabbage.

Wither Hills Pinot Noir 2006PASS – £15
Brooding dark purple in the glass to the rim. Total vegetable nose, cabbage water, mud, some minerality, no fruit. On the palate the wine picks up, well balanced, good integrated tannins, a little spice and smoke but still there with the veggies. Good finish, a well made wine, just not to my tastes. If you like your vegetable style wines, you may like it, never a Pinot, would have called it Cabernet Franc all the way down the line. 85 Points

Sainsburys SO Organic (Cecchi) Chianti 2006PASS – £8
Pretty ruby red with good intensity. Pretty nose, dark cherry and vanilla, little raspberry too but aromatically closed. Hugely tannic on the palate, thick mouth feel, flavour profile is overwhelming currants, tastes under ripe. 83 Points

Braida Barbera d’Asti Bricco dell’Uccellone 2003BUY – £21
Deep purple in the glass. Aromatically opens up after an hour to develop a characterful strawberry nose accompanied by some coffee beans. A standout palate with luscious mouth-feel, good balance of acidity and tannins and a continuation of fruit to the finish which lasts a good 30 seconds. Nice job. 90 Points

Where can I buy this Wine?
Europeans – Enoteca Ronchi – €30
Americans – Wine Exhange – $45
Brits – Telegraph Wines – £21

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I’m trying to think of a great name for a dog. I have been told that “Beaujolais” (even though Beau for short is cute I reckon) is ridiculous. Name ideas for my dog please.

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  1. Tom says:

    What kind of dog are we talking here Sarah…..Jil

  2. callie says:


  3. Yorkshire Terrier!Always. I love em!

  4. Terence says:

    I think you ought to have a brief English word as the dog’s name. Plonk.

  5. Sally says:

    Bouncer is a nice name for a dog. For a yorkshire terrier I would choose the name Yappie.(The Bricco is the best Barbera wine I’ve had)

  6. Brix is an awesome name. It’s short, and includes recognizable vowels and consonant sound that doesn’t happen TOO often in English. Beaujolais is a cute name, but if you start calling the dog Beau, it might start hearing its name EVERYwhere.

  7. Moonkin says:

    Barnabus! My first and last dogs name. Although Barnabus was a Jack Russell.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Pudgy. Or Rusty.

  9. Tom says:

    How about Vino for a male Vina for a female….Jil

  10. Bricco dell’Uccellone is simply outstanding in the world of ambitious Barbera. You’ve gotta stay tough some time and drink it with a bit more age to it. Seduction in a bottle.Plus I love the label…As for the dog, you’ve probably already thought of and discarded <>Lupo<>.

  11. Dell toner says:

    Oh My! Another one of these jaw dropping stomach hunger craving pages! Whether it’s the pics or the wording that was put together oh so well just to explain the juicyness of the food, It Sounded Gooood To Me 🙂 and with that in mind I think we should all have a moment of silence and really think when we can take a trip down the best place to eat in your town or at a vacation getaway!
    Well, let me know what you guys think because I am surely ready to enjoy a national tour of foods:)! Thanks for the info!

  12. I also think that the Braida Bricco dell'Uccellone is the best Barbera on the market.
    I am lucky enough to work for the company that imports these amazing wines.
    There are alot of great Barbera's out there but, nothing that is quite like this wine.
    You should also try the Braida Monte Bruna. Amazing!!!!!!!!!


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