Dr Loosen Graacher Himmelreich

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Dr Loosen Graacher Himmelreich

Dr Loosen Graacher Himmelreich comes in a variety of sweetness styles (Kabinett, Spatlese, Auslese) and for around £10 is one of the more reliable Rieslings around that price point. Dr Loosen’s range of Rieslings is phenomenal and for those of you, like myself, getting into Riesling this producer is a good place to start to get well acquainted with the grape. They also produce an award winning Eiswein for those of you who like it super sweet.

As one of the major Mosel producers you shouldn’t have any problem at all sourcing this wine, readily available in many wine shops as well as supermarkets and down my local Sainsburys too.

Last night I went Mexican, and despite forgetting both the Salsa and the Guacamole managed to produce some very edible Fajitas! Spicy Mexican food and wine is always a tough combo but the Kabinett Riesling was not a bad match at all though probably more suited to shellfish and blue cheeses.

Actually, I went a bit crazy yesterday picking up a New Zealand Pinot Noir but more interestingly, Sainsburys BOB SO Organic Chianti (actually a Cecchi production) and will be interested to see what Cecchi are doing for Sainsburys for the £7 price tag. These notes will follow next week as will an interesting announcement about Wine90. Oooooooohhhhhh. *drumroll* Yes, there is a reason I’ve been a bit quiet lately, all will be revealed, be patient!

Dr Loosen Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett 2007BUY – £10
Sitting straw yellow in the glass the wine gives off generous amount of honeysuckle, pears and minerals. On the palate the wines initial attack is obvious fruit, continuation of pears (in syrup), creamy and fresh. Striking balance but shocking sweetness that had me check the label on two separate occasions. Easy drinking, simple finish, but lively and very enjoyable. 89 Points.

Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans – Vivavin – €8
Americans – Dee Vine – $21
Brits – Sainsburys – £10

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Fajitas and…………… ? Is this a time where a cold beer is required?

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  1. Alex says:

    Kabinett or Spatlese? You've got a photo of the Spatlese … which makes me wonder how many bottles & fajitas were involved in last night's dinner! 🙂

  2. Yeah. Stock Photo! Its certainly a Kabinett. I swear!

  3. The Prosecco Lady says:

    I adore this wine. Fresh and easydrinking, not too sweet, appeals to my tastes exactly. I think wine goes with everything, even spicy Mexican, and this seems like a good combo, I’ll try it!Soooo… looking forward to next week’s reveal…

  4. MattyKatTwitter says:

    This is a beer occasion. No question.

  5. Keith says:

    SarahIt depends on the filling of the Fajitas. Steak would be an altogether different choice from chicken for example.

  6. General rule for me is that spicy food almost always goes well with a Kabinett, or my personal favorite, a Brut Nature Cava. On the flipside, because I’m landlocked in Spain, without much variety in my wine choices, anytime I get my hands on a Loosen, I’ll happily consume it with just about anything.

  7. gavin usk says:

    dr loosen is good value, especially this set. they have better rieslings thou, see his site.

  8. Dr. Lossen is a great producer and no matter what wine you chose, you cant go wrong. With food, without, no matter how it´s always a great and refreshing choice. Down here in Brazil, imported wines are way too expensive, this Himmelreich is in the region of USd70 so I usually settle for the Dr. L, entry level, for or which I pay USD20 to 25, ouch! Wish I was there, better drinking with less expense. Great blog, congratulations and do not lose focus on the Italian wines, whilst tasting the world.

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