Bisol Prosecco

Bisol Prosecco

Few do Prosecco as well as Bisol and I had the honour, thanks to the good people at Bibendum Wines, of being invited to the Bisol sponsored wine tasting event at La Dolce Vita show in London’s Earl Court – a trade show for all things Italian including food, wine, travel, fashion and real estate.

Not only did I get to try some excellent Italian wines from all over the country but, for the first time ever, I had my trusty Sony Handycam with me to produce the first Wine90 Vlog. I’ve been threatening this for 18 months now and so finally Wine90 will be including regular reviews of events, restaurants and Italian wines in movie form!

As readers may or may not know, I am one of the partners at The Cellar Door and will begin to add video reviews for all our wines ( as well as a little feature I’m calling “Foreign Fridays” to compare what other wines around the world are daring to compete with Italy’s finest. N.B. These may or may not air on Fridays.

So here it is, the superbly edited and masterfully arranged first edition of the Wine90 Vlog, all about Bisol Prosecco. Now be warned, this is an off-dry six minutes of full on prosecco talk but at least you get to see the pretty face of the and get to hear my own, half tiddled thoughts on life, love and prosecco. Well, really, only prosecco. Run VT.

Bisol are one of the top producers of Prosecco, producing a large range of wines from single vineyard “cru” labels which regularly scoop the best Italian sparkling range with Decanter and Gambero Rosso to cheaper but still very high quality blends from multiple vineyards. In terms of quality, the Cartizze offering from Bisol ranks up there with the best from Ruggeri and Nino Franco. We tried four wines from their range and the reviews are below.

Bisol Jieo Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Spumante DryBUY – £9.50
Prosecco, Pinot Bianco and Verdiso. Light straw yellow in the glass with fine, light bubbles. On the nose there are notes of gooseberry, apple and pear. On the palate the wine is light and refreshing, good mild acidity with notes of pears continuing through to the finish. 88 Points

Bisol Jieo Cuvee Rose Brut PASS – £9.50
Merlot and Pinot Noir. A beautiful salmon pink that is dead on the nose. Unable to attain any fruit whatsoever or aromas of anything at all. The wine had a good mouth-feel and fine, tiny bubbles but lacking completely in taste or smell. This could have been anything, Rose tango perhaps? Inoffensive as there was nothing to the senses! Can’t score this wine.

Bisol CredeProsecco di Valdobbiadene Spumante Dry 2007BUY – £10
85% Prosecco, 10% Pinot Bianc & 5% Verdiso. A far weightier wine than the Jieo but identical in colour. Aromatically more open with fresh and clear tropical fruits, ripe pear and apples that continue through the palate, higher acidity and more refreshing. Worth the extra £3. 90 Points

Bisol Cartizze Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore Spumante Bisol 2007BUY £18.50
100% Prosecco. The weightiest of the three whites with the most interesting nose with apples, pears and a distinct peach note too. On the palate the wine is heavier but fuller in flavour with the most obvious difference between the Crede and the Cartizze being the longer and fresher finish to this, the Cartizze. 93 Points

Prosecco really doesn’t need Paris Hilton to lay around in a gold bikini to sell this wine. If you aren’t drinking prosecco yet and are still handing over high notes for bad champagne then just try either the Crede or Cartizze and if you aren’t completely satisfied, I’m sure Bisol will give you your money back*

Where can I buy this wine? (Crede)
Americans – Liquor Outlet – $16.75
Europeans – – €8.50
Brits – Bibendum £10

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* Bisol wont give you your money back.

Taurasi Feudi di San Gregorio

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  1. Jan Richard says:

    Favourite sparkling wine will always be Champagne. Have already tried Bisol and do enjoy it but not a favorite in our household.JAN

  2. Tim says:

    Where are the shoes?

  3. devon says:

    Very educational and entertaining.Looks like you all had fun.

  4. Kim Paz says:

    Hi from Twitter. Coincidentally I have the Crede a fortnight past and agree that it is great value. I do believe there are many more wines from Bisol. Even still wines. Am I correct? Will you be reviewing those?Thanks for the follow on Twitter.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Somehow I doubt “Prosecco; its the sensible option” is going to fly as a marketing tagline. 😉RTfriend

  6. Anonymous says:

    Always champers but on the discount side I favor a good prosecco over Cava too. Also enjoy the sparkling Rieslings.

  7. Carston says:

    There are times to enjoy all sparkling wines but none are greater than vintage Champagne.

  8. winesleuth says:

    i definitely preferred the interview of you and me vs. the interview with me and Roberto except we have to do somehing about that camera angle, not my best side! 😉

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