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Casa Catelli are a producer specialising in southern Italian wines. Casa Catelli have vineyards throughout the south and produce fair priced, youthful, entry level Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Negroamaro, Primitivo, Nero d’Avola and Aglianico wines.

So here it is. After 18 months of threatening to produce the Vlogs here is the very first one, no expense spared direct from my kitchen. No famous producers, nothing from the Piedmont and not even wines from the Cellar Door, I thought I’d start the Vlog with something new and affordable and both these wines turned out to be decent value for money and the Primitivo; actually rather good. If you ignore the sunlight streaming into my eyes and the cars beeping their horns outside you’d almost believe we were in BBC television centre and not one of the busiest roads in Wimbledon – home to the tennis, the wombles and me.

Casa Catelli Primitivo 2004BUY – £9
A dark and intense ruby red in the glass the wine is big on aromatics producing a knock out nose of plum jam, strawberries, spices and a floral note. On the palate the wine has good structure easily holding its 14% alcohol, is mid bodied with good fruit continuing throughout. The finish is of a good length, a very complete wine but an atypical example of the variety. 88 Points

Casa Catelli Nero d’Avola 2005PASS – £8
Vibrant ruby red colour with an interesting strawberry custard note on the nose. Mid bodied wine with a smooth and fruity initial attack, on the mid palate a bitter licorice note appears that continues through to the finish which is watery and uninspired. Not an unpleasant tasting wine, easy drinking and interesting but not a quality Nero d’Avola. Better examples out there for £8. 85 Points

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What are you drinking out of southern Italy? How am I going to get the scratches out of my table from the aggressive swirling?

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  1. VinOlert says:

    It’s follow friday and was directed here. I’ll admit to never trying any of those wines but you made the second one sound tasty. Would have liked to have seen the Aglianico as that is my favourite wine of the south of Italy.If your audience is mostly in the USA it would be better to pick wines available here next time.– Si

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are some audio issues in the video think about getting a microphone. Go to the maker of the camcorder and find compatible audio. Don’t be afraid to zoom in closer too otherwise good job.

  3. Dan says:

    Where did “foreign fridays” go?

  4. Thanks for all the comments at viddler, twitter and here! It’s the first one and I am relatively happy with it but yes, I didn’t realise I needed better audio I will check that out.I messed up foreign fridays already! I think its going to be a foreign sunday though.Thanks for all the feedback guys

  5. babsinumbria says:

    Hi Sarah,Loved your vblog, I think it’s great. Maybe you could slow down a bit when you talk and not do the aussie twang thing at the end of every sentence! Yes, I think your table is going to suffer, maybe you could invest in a table mat.I think I’ll try the second wine you reviewed, it sounds good.

  6. James Herbert says:

    Everyones a critic Sarah. For a first time video blog that was excellent. Keep true to your Aussie roots.

  7. PaulM says:

    Sarah,The video is very good but I’d suggest making them shorter and punchier. I confess I didn’t make it through the whole 8 minutes with my limited attention span!I have had a nice Casa Catelli wine from a company called Amordivino. On their website they have a Negroamaro for £8, so it was probably that. Have you tried them? They are italian specialists and they have a good list. The name is quite clever too!

  8. Hey PaulNo I haven’t tried the Negroamaro and thanks for the advice, it’s been really useful, I need to improve the lighting sound and you’re not the only one to mention the length of the video.I’ll try to keep em tighter, this was 8 mins, yesterdays was 7, I’ll see if I can get them to 5 🙂Thanks for the advice, and anybody else who has more advice please do post it 🙂

  9. very nice video, being the first time you look really professional, complimenti !

  10. milf says:

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  11. milf says:

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  12. milf says:

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  13. milf says:

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