Just a Quickie


Just a Quickie

Well, a quick blog entry post and not a quick video. Here I am with the winesleuth tasting two wines that are outside my usual Italian remit. Two 2005 Chardonnays, one from the Macon and one from California. Both these wines were really enjoyable and I’d buy both again. Click below to see what happens when USA meets the UK in wine bloggers world. Who doesn’t know what a mini milk is! Tsk.


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Cheese and wine. Which food combinations go best in your house?

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  1. SMV says:

    Good energy to this video though prefer the Italian wines.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Port Salut and Bardolino.

  3. winesleuth says:

    Creamsicles, I tell ya! milky thingys, whatever 🙂next up…the Italians, no?

  4. Away with your creamsicles!

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