Joachim Heger Spatburgunder Q 2005


Joachim Heger Spatburgunder Q 2005

Joachim Heger Spatburgunder Q (Baden) doesn’t leap to mind as a wine for a dreary Good Friday in SW London for it really isn’t a wine for that occasion but this was “Foreign Friday” and I’d just taken delivery of this interesting Spatburgunder!

This really is a wine for food suited perfectly to chinese foods like Peking Duck or Sweet and Sour Pork but not to drink on its own as its far too acidic and lacking in character on the palate.

Joachim Heger Spatburgunder Q 2005PASS – £11
Light garnet red colour with a beautifully perfumed nose of roses, cinnamon, cherry stones and cranberries. On the palate the wine is light bodied with very high acidity, no real fruit but is soft and easy drinking, lack complexity. 80 Points

80 Points is really low for a wine of this price but this is a food wine, with food, this wine could score considerably higher.

Where can I buy this Wine?
AmericansWinebuys – $20
EuropeansChile Wein – €8
Brits Virginwines – £11

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Anything Spatburgunder? Like, don’t like? Tried, never tried? Tell me about your Spatburgunder experiences.

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  1. Jay says:

    Beem you up Scottie. It looks like you’re about to be abducted out the side window. Better volume but the lighting need to change. You shouldn’t shoot next to an open window/ try shooting at night and adjusting the brightness setting on the camera.Never in my life heard of spatbugunder.

  2. Rachel Brydon says:

    There were attempts a late harvest pinot noirs from Germany but I haven’t heard of a popular one. Interesting question you’d have to ask a German expert.It is true that spatburgunders are improving every year and I am surprised that you have never had a good one from the rhinegau as they are many.Try the wines from Assmannshausen.

  3. Peter Guy says:

    I am a huge fan of german spatburgunder from the rhingau and from baden and I think its underrated indeed.Like Rachel noted, some of the best are really from Assmannshausen but my favorite region has to be Ahr. Try Meyer-Näkel.

  4. winesleuth says:

    pinky,orange-y, red-y? i think you missed ruby and garnet-y 🙂you’re face said it all, no way would I even try this one, altho I do like Austrian p.noir…you’re vidoes are getting more succinct…now when are you going to comment on mine? :-pI’m sure Jay’s heard of spatburgunder by it’s french name -pinot noir

  5. I have tried a few Spats from Assmanhausan actually and wasn’t all that impressed but not the producer Peter mentioned.Denise – Pinky, Redy, Browny, what’s wrong with hedging your bets? Actually it was just garnet which I think is pink, red and brown mixed in various amounts 😀OK, that bit was dubious!

  6. Anonymous says:

    83, that was the face of the 58 point wine.Retweet Friday follower PATV

  7. Anonymous says:

    Decanter magazine voted a Spatburgunder the best pinot in the world? For the 2005 vintage?Did anyone else enter the competition? Insanity

  8. Mark Koppen says:

    What happened to the end of show toast?

  9. Like in Burgundy there are many different quality levels of Pinot Noir. I guess you had the Weinhaus Heger Version. Please don’t mix it with the Dr. Heger wines. Yes, Germany does have great Pinot Noirs (Spätburgunder) and also sells it for good money in Germany. So the UK market doesn’t really have a lot of decent Spätburgunder especially with a retail price of 11 Pounds.
    Oh and by the way. If anyone is able to get a bottle of that Decanter – Award – Winning Pinot Noir from Meyer Näkel. You’ll probably be able to sell it for a lot of money.
    I guess I will have to start a video show, showing where you can stop by on your way to Italy by car…(just in case you pass through the area of Baden)… and taste some really interesting Pinot Noirs. Yes from Dr. Heger, but also from Bernhard Huber, Salwey, Ziereisen, Schneider, Duijn, Shelterwinery, Bercher, Wassmer, Koch, …. Oh and of course from us. BTW what are your thoughts about Screwcaps? Especially in combination with hard big tannic reds from Italy?

  10. Anonymous says:

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