Barone Ricasoli Chianti Classico


Barone Ricasoli Chianti Classico

Barone Ricasoli Chianti Classico 2006 “Brolio” was the winner of my Saturday night Chianti Death match face off, roundly knocking out the same vintage bio dynamic effort from Badia a Coltibuono. This week I’ve received a few emails from folk watching the vlogs asking for a clear up on the rules in Chianti Classico and also requesting a Chianti Classico episode, as a natural people pleaser what else could I do? See Barone Ricasoli Chianti Classico score a QPR busting 89 Points and impress my palate despite cutting myself somewhat ferociously with a butter knife just before the tasting.

This is on YOUTUBE today instead of Viddler. Press on the “HQ” on the player, its far better sound quality.

Very disappointing that the biodynamic wine did not fair better to my palate. This wine is lauded by the producer as a “true representative of Chianti Classico” well, perhaps I just like my sulphites but I found the Barone Ricasoli to represent my ideal of Chianti far more closely and at £7 less, please my pocket too.

Barone Ricasoli have a great website showcasing all their wines and a really interesting film intro that you can check out here – Barone Ricasoli.

Where can I buy this wine?
Americans – Laurenti Wines – $18
Europeans – Superiore – €12.40
Brits – AG Wines – £12.50

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Please leave a comment if you’ve tried either of these wines or have a favourite Chianti Classico to tell us about or indeed, one you’d like me to review. Favourite bio dynamic producer?

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  1. A D Winters says:

    Reviewed on naked a couple of weeks ago Sarah similarly impressive.

    The YouTube app has a better feel.

    If you’re unused to Bio wines and compare it directly to mass CC then you may miss the nuances of these wine.

  2. babsinumbria says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Really good blog on You Tube and lots of good information on the wine.

    Ahhh, try using a real butter knife, you won’t cut yourself on that. Ciao

  3. Anne Kelshaw says:

    Learning so much from these videos thank you. Isn’t that the second time Tesco has come in for some criticism?

    Have you tried Chianti Gold?

  4. winesleuth says:

    Didn’t they recently change the rules that Chianti now has to be 100% sangiovese? Not sure when that is supposed to take effect. Cool editing job! I’m migrating to youtube as we speak – screw viddler 😉

  5. Jay says:

    Badia a Coltibuono are the masters. 85 points! Looks like they missed a trick in that vintage.

  6. Tommaso says:

    Hi, sono Italiano….
    I am Italian living sine february in the States state of Ny.
    There are very beautiful wine shops here but hte wines imported from Italy are a very small fraction of the Italian universe. Sometimes I write about wine at
    Bel sito complimenti!

  7. march says:

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  8. march says:

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  9. march says:

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  10. march says:

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  11. Sarah Vino says:

    Great post Sarah. I'm Sarah too and just posted a few Chianti wines on my wine blog 🙂 Thanks for your clip.

  12. Gallovini says:

    Nice clip, thank you.
    Did you also try Barone Ricasolis other wine “Rocca Guicciarda”?
    It's denominated as a Riserva, but actually more classic Chianti-tasting than the Brolio.

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