Diego Curtaz


Diego Curtaz

The vineyards of Diego Curtaz lie in the north west corner of Italy in the Valle d’Aosta, a region growing in stature thanks to small producers like Diego Curtaz and the award winning style of the Valle d’Aosta’s standard bearer at “Les Crêtes“. 2007 was a decent vintage in this tiny parcel of Italy, in the Italian Alps and due north of the mighty Piedmont, the Valle d’Aosta shares little with its formidable neighbour, not even the grapes make it up the steep slopes to Europe’s highest growing region aside from the sturdy Dolcetto. Here you will find Petit Rouge and Gamay rule supreme in the land of VdA reds.

An industrious lot, the winemakers of the Valle d’Aosta are not shy in trying their luck with a multitude of grapes and they even plant Syrah in them there hills. Today I tried three wines from Diego Curtaz, a sumptious Gamay, a complex and terroir typical Torrette and a Petit Rouge that hit me upside the head with age-old Asparagus notes that I can’t forget even though I’m really trying.

Diego Curtaz Valle d’Aosta Torrette DOC 2007BUY – €6.50
Mid ruby red, aromatically explosive with huge chunks of cherry, a black pepper note as well as a strong showing of strawberry. The wine is light bodied, low tannins and high acidity, the wine blend is complimentary and interesting leaving the impression on the finish of a well mixed cherry cordial (!!!), alcohol well ingrained. Above average and interesting. 86 Points

Diego Curtaz Gamay 2007BUY – €6.50
Mid ruby red with candied cherry notes, hints of violet and banana, looking like Beaujolais Nouveau until the palate which is of a high quality. Great acidity, fruity and vibrant on the palate with a shockingly decent finish. Are we in Morgon? 88 Points

Diego Curtaz Petit Rouge 2007PASS – €6.50
Mid ruby red with a similar profile on the nose to the Torrette with cherry, pepper and strawberries but the wine falls apart on the palate turning vegetal and plain strange, poorly balanced, uninteresting flavours and a finish that’s going nowhere. 72 Points

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72 Points is one of the worst wines of the year. What has been your worst wine experience this year?

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  1. Ted says:

    Too many to mention. This has been a bad year wine for me with 3 corked and a couple of yuk.

    An aged Baron de Ley Tempranillo was the worst of the kaboodle. Avoid ’96.

  2. Yasmin says:

    Nothing bad as such but there was a Viognier from Argentina that was just wrong.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Petit Rouge?

    Another variety of grape I have never heard of. Are these grapes grown in any other part of the world?


  4. winesleuth says:

    WOw, Italy has done it again! Petit Rouge? That’s why I’m fascinated by the country, so many varietals, so little time. My worst wine experience this year? Where to start – had a truly excrable English red wine the other day, we ALL almost gagged, thought that was the worst until we popped open an 04 wholesale Italian p.grigio we found in the cellar – words cannot describe the horror- oh, the humanity! p.s. snappy stripey polo you pulled out of the wardrobe today…

  5. Pierre says:

    Interesting and informative blog – congrats! Though I hasten to add that our SA Wines aren’t half bad either 😉
    Greetings from Cape Town,

  6. march says:

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  7. march says:

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  8. Frugaller says:

    Great blog S

    Keep it up – love the video. And get another GB wine night planned!

    Gail x

  9. Barry Kraft says:

    Just found your blog today it's wonderful. This blog is so helpful. Your expression was very easy to read and understand. I love different kind wine. I have some great wine information from her. Yes your blog really surprise anybody! I saw this video. After watching this video I'm feeling hungry. thanks for the wonderful entry.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A truly retched South African red that my husband and I shared at a restaurant on Islay in Scotland. I think I would have preferred dirt juice.

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