Giovanni Rosso Dolcetto d’Alba 2007

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Giovanni Rosso Dolcetto d’Alba 2007

Rightio, back to work then. No video today as some cheeky beggar has nicked off with my camera for the weekend. Giovanni Rosso Dolcetto d’Alba 2007 was flown directly to WINE90 Towers by the folks at Berry Bros & Rudd along with a few other choice Italians wines. I suppose they hoped I would review them and publish my musings here.

As I’d rather not fall foul of the queens own wine merchant I suppose it’s only cricket* to uphold my part of this bargain, especially as I’m crossing my fingers they will foot the wine bill for my 30th Birthday party this coming January.

Where the heck have you been!? Why aren’t you publishing my comments!? Why don’t you reply to me on twitter? You don’t bring me flowers or sing me love songs anymore!
The rumours that I’ve been perfecting my golf swing, playing Wrath of the Lich King or sunning myself on the Isle of Elba are only true in part. If you had a window into WINE90 Towers you would see my GV stylee noticeboard over my left shoulder stating clearly “90 days to go” and with no explanation of what this deadline may be for. You’re just going to have to trust me! 😉

Now, onto the wine! Poor Giovanni Rosso Dolcetto d’Alba 2007 deserves our full attention so let us be serious.

Frequent readers of the blog will know my love for all things Piedmont from the mighty Nebbiolo to the hardy ruddy cheeked Barbera to the lively, bright, future-futures starlette, my beloved little Dolcetto. There are many Dolcetto reviews here from “bigger” name Piedmont producers, Roberto Voerzio (you’re still my favourite), Bruno Giacosa, Enrico e Marziano Abbona, Cavallotto and more yet I had never tried a Giovanni Rosso Dolcetto d’Alba so I was buzzing with excitement when the BBR man arrived, doffing his cap then skipping back to his van. This did make a pleasant change from the finger from Fed Ex and the Up-yers of UPS but while service is important, I digress.
Now, before the review, I have to say that this, more than any of the producers above or any Dolcetto wines I’ve tasted needs a good hour or two to breathe. I pop and pour as much as the next wino but I was fearing to award my BBR freebie Dolcetto a heartbreaking 70+ and risk my party being completely cancelled but thankfully, all this wine needs to turn from “um” to “oooooh” is about 60 minutes. So, when you do rush out and buy this wine online on my say-so give it a quick taste, decant it and marvel at what a difference an hour makes to this little number.

This is what our man Giovanni Rosso looks like. Cool as a cucumber.

Giovanni Rosso Dolcetto d’Alba 2007BUY – £11.85
Sits a deep ruby red while offering typically perfumed Dolcetto aromas and heavy on the dark cherries and blackberries. Fine, silky tannins complete a balanced, structured wine of full body with a strong finish that holds the dark fruit note to the last but sadly a touch green and bitter at the end too which lost the wine a couple of points for my palate. Still a very good Dolcetto. To be tried. 87 Points

There are better producers of Dolcetto out there, at least, more suited to my palate. If you’ve never tried Dolcetto before this isn’t the world’s finest example of the varietal but none the less it’s very good, it’s typical of the grape and it’s on sale right now 😀
A good Dolcetto with which to get into Dolcetto wines from a rapidly improving producer.
Where can I buy this wine?
Europeans –
Berry Bros and Rudd – €13.50
Americans – Zachys – $19.99
Brits Berry Bros and Rudd – £11.85

Leave a CommentLets catch up! What have you been drinking this summer? So much has happened! Did you see the Cricket? Did you see Susan Boyle? Did you get Swine Flu? Poor Michael Jackson passed away! Worse news of all this Summer: Peter and Jordan 🙁


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  1. winesleuth says:

    I hope you gave whoever took your camcorder for the weekend a good talking to! When will we see your funny face again? Enquiring minds want to know….

    ps. I agree, I've had better dolcettos and cheaper, too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    OK I am an American so I will bite…who are Peter and Jordan? Welcome back Sarah…we miss you in Italy…Jil

  3. Andrew Jones says:

    yes it's very good, it's typical type of the grape. I tried it with a cuban paired up very well with its floral taste .I buy these Cigars Online.Its majestic.

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