Negro Sudisfa Roero Riserva 2006 DOCG

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Negro Sudisfa Roero Riserva 2006FACTFILENegro Sudisfa Roero Riserva 2006
Name: Negro Sudisfa Roero Riserva 2006Grapes: 95% Nebbiolo and a splash of ArneisAlcohol: 14.5%
Region: Roero DOC
Style: Roero can be a confusing area. Some of the wines accentuate finesse, elegance and are less powerful while others, this Riserva included, are punchier, far more bold/structured and closer in style to their near neighbours, Barolo and Barbaresco.
Vintage: 2006 was an excellent vintage in Piedmont. The region was helped along with a fair bit of rain in September which was good for Nebbiolo (late ripening grape).
Food Pairing: Hard cheese, red meat and game dishes.

Ok, applause please for my first ever 6.30am Wine90 post.

*Basks in applause*Right, now stop. That’s enough of that thank you. I’m not really showing incredible dedication (although I am) for there are two reasons why I need to get up and blog about wine at 6.30am… 6.30AM. Firstly, today is apparently rapture day and I’d like to clear my desk and get my house in order before I ascend into heaven. Secondly, I am drowning in vino! Not literally drowning of course but my apartment does look like a wine warehouse, or if you prefer a cup half empty analogy, the local Oddbins off Old Brompton Road (Topical Points?)So, got my cup of coffee, got my irritating morning bounce, lets review Negro Sudisfa Roero Riseva 2006. Now I must mention at this point that this Roero was sent to me by Great Western Wine. The guy at GWW sent two of his personal favourite Italian wines for me to try and I must credit him for his excellent taste. Roero DOCG is so often overlooked, not because it lacks quality or flavour but because it is seen as the 3rd Nebbiolo wine in the region. The siblings of Roero are Barolo and Barbaresco, arguably this could make for a Piemonte Holy Trinity (see, I deserve to ascend, not descend, ascend) but, unfortunately for Roero, it is Lepidus to their Mark Antony and Octavian. Too obscure? Wiki Triumvirate

This is the other Mark Anthony… isn’t he creepy?

Roero is made from 95-98% Nebbiolo grapes and holds a position just North of Barolo and North-West of Barbaresco (although part of the zone faces Barbaresco – is anything ever simple!?). Although these three areas are separated only by a couple of miles the topography of Roero differs significantly to the Langhe hills. Roero’s soil contains higher quantities of sand. So, the story goes, that Nebbiolo is not capable of reaching its fullest expression here but this may have more to do with the DOCG rules in Roero that allow the wine to be released 18 months earlier than Barolo and so do not allow significant time in barrique/barrel to tame the tannins. The riservas, however, get 32 months and are well worth seeking out as far cheaper, softer, easier and earlier drinking alternatives to Barolo.

So, we have a different style of Nebbiolo. This all works out well for the consumer because Roero places itself in that third position also in terms of price, and a fabulous hit of Nebbiolo can be had for up to a third of the price of a Barolo. In the case of Negro’s Roero Riserva you could easily believe you were drinking a Barolo with a few years on the clock; it’s pretty intense. It’s Nebbiolo+. Perhaps this wine had simply reached its optimum drinking window (quite possible). This wine was so wonderfully Nebbiolo; perhaps too extracted for some palates, it reminded me of making myself a cordial and over pouring the Robinsons.

Negro Sudisfa Roero Riseva 2006 DOCGBUY – £29.50
Super typical Nebbiolo nose, very generous, forward with sweet notes of strawberries, cassis and marzipan. This wine has layers of flavours on the palate and drinking the wine was a noticeable process as the tannins emerged but were then gently washed away with good acidity culminating in noticeable length on the finish. No hotness here even at 14.5% alcohol, everything in perfect balance to create a super sooped up Roero that’s right up my alley. – 92 Points

Where can i buy this Wine?
UK – Great Western Wines – £29.50
Hi-Time Wines$52
Europe –
Xtra Wine – €24

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  1. Moonkin says:

    We're all still here.

    Really glad you wrote about Roero Riserva I have felt for years that this wine is the better bargain in the region. Negro is a typical producer and canbe relied upon.

    Drink a fe more Roero Riserva wines and you will convert believe me.

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