Barolo 2005 – Design Wine Competition

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Barolo 2005 – Design Wine CompetitionENTER COMPETITION HERE4 Chances to Win!

Who fancies some Barolo? If you’re like me the answer is “yes please” and “always”. Italian wine fans generally agree that Nebbiolo is the Italian grape and Barolo, her finest expression, and so it’s with great excitement that I can tell the readers of the Wine90 blog and its incessant Twitter feed that I, together with Design Wine, have created a fabulous competition allowing all wine fans FOUR chances to win 3 superb bottles of Barolo from the excellent 2005 vintage. Four lucky Wine90 readers will win these wines (worth £109) – Barolo 2005 Trilogy by doing nothing more than registering with Design Wine, which, if you’re a UK Italian wine fan, you should deffo do anyway!

Design Wines ( have established themselves very quickly in the online wine market within Italy offering hand selected Italian wines via a clean and informative website and are now ready to operate in the UK. Even though we, the British, are the second biggest importer of Italian wine, it can still be, as we at Wine90 know all too well, tough to source the finest Italian wines. So, I for one am really chuffed to see Design Wine now able to sell to us Brits especially as around 60% of their wines are just not available in the UK.
OK, you want to know how to win the wine? You don’t want to hear how I am going to be reviewing a wine each day and that you can taste along with me? No, you don’t want any of that, you just to want to know how to win? Pft

Fine. Very simply – sign up here –

We ar
e looking for just 1000 registrations, every 250th registration will win the 3 pack of Barolo, simple as that, you can get your friends to register, your mum, her mum, probably not her mum but maybe… there are but two snags,

1) You must be old enough to drink
2) You must live in the UK or Ireland

Tell your chums, tell everyone you know who likes wine and even if you don’t win yourself, who knows, they may save you a glass (though probably not, I wouldn’t).

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I will be tasting all 3 of these Barolo wines in the upcoming blog entries but what I would really like to know is… which competition for Italian wine would you be most interested in? Would you like to win wines from the Alto Adige, wines from 2001, wine books, how can I tempt thee?

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  1. Mibs says:

    Eek I appear to be the first!
    Thank you for hosting such a fab and interesting site, and yes, like you I don't much go for sharing my wine!
    I think when it comes to competitions, my personal preference would be wines from 2001

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