Tignanello 2008

Antinori’s Tignanello 2008 reached the status of wine bling years ago. One of a handful of Italian wines (particularly Super Tuscans) set to climb in price over the next few years, out of reach for the majority of UK wine buyers as Chinese collectors and oenophiles begin to buy up Italian “status” wines.

Was it only a year ago I was lamenting the price of Tignanello 2006? Too bad, the ’06, ’07 and ’08 vintages can expect to reach and exceed £100 in the coming months according to all sources.

There’s been plenty written about the potential for Italian “status” wines to go stratospheric in the press lately (see Decanter April 2012 and Vino Al Vino) but it wasn’t until a Bordeaux wine investment company called my home number and tried to flog me a few cases of Sassicaia that I realised how hot these wines are right now. And how clever at targeting their potential audience!

Antinori Tignanello 2008

So does this spell the end of Tignanello on every decent Italian restaurants wine list?

Will the demand be sufficient and the trend long enough to dampen my Italian city breaks for the foreseeable future?! (!)… (!!!)

Well, nah, the great thing about Tuscan wine in the 21st century is the amazing depth and breadth of fantastic quality wines available, as the older STs have inspired producers, old & new, to get into the game and produce blended wines of outstanding quality all hoping to be the next big thing in Tuscan wine. So if you ‘re mad for Sangiovese based Super Tuscans but don’t fancy the £80 price tag then there are plenty of great alternatives that fly a little further under the radar (for now!)

My three recommendations for Sangiovese based Super Tuscans that hit all the right notes are:

Il Blu by Brancaia – £40
Primamateria by Poggerino – £25
Il Futuro by Colombaio di Cencio – £35

Wine Review – Tignanello 2008

Tignanello 2008 – Antinori – BUY – £65 
Deep, intense ruby red. Aromatically very fruit forward with black fruits dominating hints of spice and earth. On the palate this wine is impressively smooth, with medium + acidity and layers of black fruit, particularly dark cherries unfolding easily and readily on the attack & through to the finish. Of course this wine is tannic right now but even for early drinking this Tig was well balanced. Tignanello 2008 has an elegant yet firm structure and great length. How it will unfold over the next 10-15 years? I’m afraid I’ll only have to guess! 95 Points

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