Tignanello 2004 Antinori – #4 Wine Spectator 2007

Whoop Whoop and Praise the Lord for Tignanello. Man am I one happy chicky! Wine Spectator have crowned the Tignanello 2004 the #4th best wine released this year and not only do I own it, stock it, sell it and love it; it’s cheap as chips! Well, relatively. The chips in London definitely!

So here it is, in all its divine glory, the Tignanello 2004. I’ve already reviewed it on another board so just a copy and paste job left for my final entry today.
Who is going to take that number 1 spot, I almost hope its not another Italian wine now but what about the Guado al Tasso if the Tignanello gets 4th! I’m so excited I could just play the bongos on a bald mans head.
< —- Beautiful Buy it NOW! Buy a 12 case Now! Gonna go up massively in price.

Oh, oh look, there’s me and what do I have on the table …. that’s right Tignanello 2004. Fateful! It’s like me and Jame Suckling could be the same person, I know that’s what you are thinking. Our taste buds are aligned we both are plummy Brits living in Italy, simply uncanny!
So, and to the review! Let me just fumble around in Corkd…. let me see.


Antinori Tignanello 2004BUY
Deep ruby red color, the Tignanello ’04 looks like class before you even pick up the glass. The nose is exceptionally fresh and quickly gives up aromas of blackcurrent, spices, herbs, cherries and tobacco. A well balanced, smooth palate has perfect tannins and a smooth, long finish. Superb. (SN – 11/07) 94 Points

Where can I buy this wine? – (and buy it now, today, quickly)
Europeans – Di Leva – €50
Americans – Internet Wines $67.05
Brits – The Cellar Door – £38

I never do that, I never recommend a wine from The Cellar Door unless it truly is the cheapest available to the market. You can check www.wine-searcher.com to verify my validity and validness and validociousness.

Question of the Day?
Am I naughty to recommend you to my own company? :o(

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  1. Elle says:

    Yippeee, when can we drink it!

  2. Jason Ryder says:

    Naughty AND evil.

  3. Richard Dawes says:

    Not if it really is the best price and it seems to be for the UK at least.

  4. Centro Puccini says:

    Learn Italian at the seasidehttp://www.centropuccini.it/

  5. What a lovely thought! The Italian seaside isn’t very nice though is it?!Black sands, volleyball nets stretched out across its lengths. €20 for a sunbed…

  6. Tom Spake says:

    I only see the 2005 on the website, do you have any more 2004s?

  7. EhNo, all sold out 04 and now all sold out 05, sold a TON of Tignanello today. Was Tig on TV or what? Sold out in a day, very strange.Will be buying more.SN

  8. John Bishop says:

    Hi SarahNo more Tignanello loaded yet? I bought from you last month and wondered if you could keep me up to date with new delivery dates?John

  9. For a review of Tignanello 2006 Click here – Tignanello 2006

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