Bovio Barolo

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Bovio Barolo

Bovio Barolo was my party saving wine this weekend as the mega brands, Concha Y Toro and Penfolds faded into the bland background of wine obscurity against the mighty (if unheard of) Bovio. Cracking open the reserves clearly I am missing the mighty Italian wines. As much fun as trying the international varieties is sometimes you just have to come home to old steady and drink what you know you’ll enjoy. That being said, on Sunday night myself and two friends shared a fantastic Chilean Carmenere (Adobe) at the Willie Gunn restaurant in London’s, Earlsfield. We paid £19 but obviously these are restaurant prices and hiked up x3. You can find, what I’d consider a 89 point wine, for around £5-6 in many of the high street stores.

Back to the Bovio, this was sadly my final of a 12 case I purchased back in Christmas. The Bovio Barolo is a really good value wine, most quality Barolos start at the £30 mark, this wine comes in underneath that and the 2003 vintage can happily be awarded 91 points to my palate. The wine is fruit forward but extremely tannic, really shouldn’t be drinking today but there are foods, like my partners “Lemony chicken” that the huge tannic base seemed to compliment quite strangely … and against the textbook. When I say Lemony, I’m talking obscene Lemony. 5 Lemons on one chicken, Is that even legal?

Penfolds Rawsons Retreat 2007PASS – £6
Shiraz/Cabernet blend sits purple in the glass. Uninspiring nose, candied fruit, sugary but not too bad, some good fruit too. Fruit on the palate, a hollow and unsatisfying finish. Serviceable but not great. 84 PointsSainsburys Taste The Difference Gewurztraminer 2006BUY £7
Dark golden yellow. Explosive spicy nose, petrol and melon. Great mouth feel, good balance, fruit continuing to the finish, seems off-dry but is not. Exceptional value from Sainsbury’s. Highly recommend. 90 PointsBovio Rocchettevino Barolo 2003 BUY £24
Dark ruby red to the rim. Exceptionally forward nose, wine not decanted, mineral, vanilla and dark fruits show quickly in a beautiful mixed general aroma. The palate is hugely tannic but bright acidity and lively fruit contribute to the best Bovio Barolo I’ve tasted. If I had 3 thumbs, they’d all be up. 91 Points.As you can probably guess where to purchase the Sainsburys wine (which is a BOB in the UK, non UK residents seek out “Cave de Turckheim” – same wine, different label, then It’s the Barolo displayed below.

Where can I buy this wine?Only a handful of stockists sell the Bovio label –, Handford Fine Wines, and Decorum Vintners. All European.

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Surely you folks must have tried a Penfolds? Which supermarket is your favourite for buying wine (the Waitrose/Sainsburys debate continues) and for you in the USA too, which superstore is selling the best wines? As always, any other comments or feedback are appreciated. Ciao for now!

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  1. Dave Compton says:

    Whole heatedly agree about the Penfolds. Although I am offended by it! That Sainsburys white is a well known bargain here.

  2. Moonkin says:

    The Barolo was the best wine?No shock 😛

  3. Anonymous says:

    Things are getting better in the states. more and more quality wine available even from walmarts etc.

  4. The Prosecco Lady says:

    I like Morrison's wine, M&S wine is always, always a big disappointment.

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